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Transfert Environment and Society





The company

Social acceptability has become a project requirement. Citizens and communities are engaged and empowered. They are expressing themselves and expect to be heard and respected. They want to be actors, not spectators. And their expectations for projects that interest or affect them are growing. The traditional “decide, announce, defend” approach is obsolete. Today, people want decision-makers to take their views and concerns into account.

In the 21st century, responsible development confronts organizations and communities with the challenge of social acceptability in building a project that is satisfying for all stakeholders.

Since 1987, Transfert Environment and Society offers unique, leading-edge expertise based on real-world experience. Its distinctive reputation derives from a proven, professional and rigourous approach. With a clear focus on responsible development, Transfert’s social approach empowers all stakeholders to come out as “winners”. Transfert Environment and Society’s approach incorporates three key steps:

1.  Know and share the issues

The first step is social analysis, an essential prerequisite to gaining a better understanding of the host community. Every community is unique, with its own attributes, needs and concerns related to any project.

2.  Build bridges and engage in constructive dialogue

Constructive dialogue creates the conditions for the organization and the community to listen to each other, establishing a climate of credibility and trust. Transfert Environment and Society employs three essential elements to allow this to happen: INFORMATION, CONSULTATION AND COLLABORATION.

3.  Consolidate commitments

During project implementation and operation, consolidating corporate and collective commitments is essential. Transfert Environment and Society encourages organizations to continually pursue community collaboration and to keep building confidence and trust together.

As an agent of change, Transfert Environment and Society develops and facilitates open dialogue and participation opportunities attuned to societal expectations.


Commercial activities

Developing strong links between organizations and communities strengthens a project’s social license to operate and generates real added value:

  • More efficient decision-making
  • Engaged stakeholders and citizens, equipped to participate
  • Budgets and timelines respected
  • Projects enhanced and integrated with the host community
  • Responsible project management that meets community expectations
  • Respect for the global environment

Transfer Environment and Society provides a wide range of services tailored to meet one-time and specific needs:

  • Strategic studies, analysis and monitoring
    • Social profile and social strategies
    • Comparative studies
    • Evaluation of opportunities and social risks
    • Media monitoring (traditional media and social media through new information technologies)
    • Monitoring ofsocial approaches, projects, technologies, etc.
  • Social and environmental communication activities
    • Communication and awareness plans
    • Social crisis management
    • Development of popular content : printed and online information
  • Information and consultation mechanisms, facilitation and mediation
    • Public consultations and meetings
    • Committees
    • Assemblies
    • Focus groups
  • Corporate social responsibility plans
    • Self-evaluation, diagnosis
    • Stakeholders management
    • Policy
    • Action plan
    • Disclosure of performance
  • Training
    • Spokesperson (public hearings, meetings, media events, committees, information kiosks, etc.)
    • Interactive conferences : NIMBY, social acceptability factors, social licenses to operate, etc.
  • Online consultation platform



The firm has developed a unique expertise that serves organizations and communities. The firm’s team is active across the province, with offices in Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke and Saguenay. Transfert is chiefly focused on the following sectors: mining, energy, industrial, waste management, sustainable development, transportation and urban planning. Here are some of the recent achievements of Transfert professional’s team:

  • Pre-feasibility study consultation for an open-pit mine project – 2010/2012
  • Sustainable development plan partner consultation (City of Montreal) – since 2008
  • Creation and management of landfill site public advisory committees – since 2003
  • Preparations for BAPE public hearings on a wind project in Montérégie – 2010/2011
  • Sustainable development action plan for a resort – 2010/2011
  • Social sensitivity analysis for organic waste treatment facilities – 2010
  • Case Study: Implementation of waste management facilities – 2010



Over years of rich, diverse experience, Transfert has established its credibility with all stakeholders thanks to its professional approach based on commitment, rigour and fairness. The firm was involved in a growing number of sectors. Its operations are now beyond the borders of Quebec.



5524 Saint-Patrick, suite 378
Montréal (Québec) H4E 1A8
514 276-7815

2825 Quatre-Bourgeois
Sainte-Foy (Québec) G1V 1Y1
418 872-8110

1000 Haut-Bois Nord, 1st floor
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1N 3V4
819 563-8531

2240 Montpetit, 2nd floor
Jonquière (Québec) G7X 6A3
581 306-5061