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Envir-Eau Inc.


Established in Quebec since 1990, the Envir-Eau consulting firm specializes in environmental and industrial hygiene issues. Envir-Eau is an independent company affiliated with the Canadian-owned Water and Earth Science Associates Limited (WESA), an independent fully Canadian-owned company which has been working in the environmental field throughout Canada since it was founded in 1976. WESA was one of the first companies in the country to be devoted exclusively to environmental work.

The Envir-Eau/WESA group provides on the Canadian expertise of over 80 professionals working in eight offices located in Quebec and Ontario. For 20 years Envir-Eau/WESA has been exporting its services to organizations such as the World Bank, CIDA, IDB, IDRC and to other organizations and industrial companies.


Our team of hydrogeologists, environmental auditors, biologists, industrial hygienists, chemists and geological and civil engineers, provide a turnkey service. Envir-Eau operates mainly in the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. Envir-Eau works on various environmental problems for all levels of government. Envir-Eau’s fields of expertise are briefly summarized below.

Envir-Eau/WESA is an active member of the industrial committee at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Groundwater Research, which is world-renowned in the field of hydrogeology. This enables Envir-Eau to keep up with the latest technological developments in the following areas:

  • soil and groundwater characterization and restoration studies;
  • rehabilitation of contaminated land;
  • risk analysis;
  • contaminant hydrogeology;
  • natural attenuation of contaminants;
  • mathematical modelling of flow and contaminant transport;
  • water supply;
  • protection and management of drinking water resources.

The Envir-Eau group is outstanding for its technical achievements and rigorous professional expertise in the following areas:

  • landfill engineering;
  • design/preparation of drawings, specifications and bid documents;
  • engineering to restore contaminated soil and groundwater;
  • design and operation of treatment facilities;
  • supervision of construction work;
  • research and development/ demonstration projects;
  • residue recovery.
  • agri-environment


Envir-Eau Inc. offers a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the many facets of environmental management, we carry out the following types of study:

  • phase 1 environmental site assessment;
  • environmental compliance audits;
  • environmental management system audits;
  • waste management audits;
  • transaction and due diligence audits.

Envir-Eau Inc. provides a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the various facets of industrial hygiene. We perform the following studies:

  • noise, vibration, radiation and thermal requirement measurement;
  • building and workplace air quality evaluation;
  • asbestos management plans;
  • hazardous situation assessment;
  • physical/professional/work responsibility requirement analysis;
  • hygiene, health and safety audits;
  • training and program development.


  • Management of drinking water sources and establishment of protection zones for an MRC’s water table;
  • Restoration of land contaminated by gas stations using the bioslurping technique;
  • Design and development of a septic tank sludge treatment system in cooperation with the University of Waterloo;
  • Water research and hydrogeological study for the drinking water supply of a municipality;
  • Environmental audits of hazardous waste management contractors for an industrial association;
  • Gap analysis (ISO 14001, corporate environmental policy);
  • Research project on storage in ash-flow fields;
  • Industrial sector multi-site transaction audits.


Targeted export markets

South America
Central America
West Indies

Current export markets

West Indies
Central America
West Africa
Eastern Europe