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High-temperature dust collector (Clinox®) – Biothermica Technologies Inc.

Description of the technology

The Clinox dust collector makes it possible to filter high-temperature gaseous effluents containing incandescent particles. This technology is based on the same principle as conventional sleeve filter systems. However, it uses stainless steel filter bags which can withstand temperatures lower than 600°C. Thus Clinox equipment is suitable for treating gaseous effluents, from such sources as bark-boilers, cement works and metallurgical factories.

The main components of this filtration system are the following:

  • deflector;
  • filter bags;
  • compressed-air unplugging system;
  • evacuation hoppers for ash and particles;
  • access doors for inspection and bag replacement;
  • system to monitor the filtration process.


The Clinox system reduces dust levels to under 50 mg/Nm3 at the stack outlet (dry concentration corrected to 8% oxygen). In addition, it has the following characteristics:

  • investment required for set-up is lower than for conventional electrostatic precipitators;
  • no liquid effluent is produced;
  • easy to operate with a simple process control system;
  • long lasting filter bags (4 to 7 years);
  • gaseous emission filtration speed in the range of 1.8 m/min.


Temperature of gases to be filtered by this process must not exceed 600° C. Filtration speed cannot exceed 3.0 m/min.

Installation and operation

Gaseous effluents to be treated are introduced into a compartment where a deflector is used for the first phase of filtration. Large particles are intercepted and directed to an ash evacuation hopper at the base of the deflector. The air then flows through the stainless steel mesh filter bags which recover the fine particles.

A pulse jet unplugging system allows for periodic cleaning of bags. Clean air is blown through them, in the opposite direction to the flow of gaseous effluents being treated, dislodging particles which then fall into a hopper. In addition, a horn which generates low-frequency sound waves may be used to clean the filter bags more effectively.

Finally, an access door provides for system maintenance, and a monitoring system ensures automatic control of the filtration process.

Dimensions of a Clinox stainless steel dust collector system depend on the air flow to be treated the type of dust and the temperature.  For example, a Clinox dust collector with an approximate capacity of 850 m3/min is 3.7 m wide by 9.1 m long by 12.2 m high.


Installation and operating costs for a Clinox stainless steel dust collector vary according to the volume of air to be treated. However, in general terms, purchase and installation costs of $350 per m3/min can be predicted; annual operating costs are about $25 per m3/min.

Additional information

The Clinox system has been tested at Stone Consolidated’s factory (La Baie) and at their Wayagamack plant (Trois-Rivières), at the Uniboard’s factory (Mont-Laurier) and at the Salmon Falls Stoneware’s factory (USA). Additional tests are planned in 1996 in Mont-Laurier to determine design parameters for an industrial unit, with the aim of marketing the process.

One million dollars have been invested over the last five years to perfect the Clinox dust collector system. This technology has been developed with the participation of Laval University and the financial assistance of the Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec, Canada Natural Resources and the Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec.

Biothermica Technologies inc.
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426, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, Québec, H2L 1J6

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