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Camille Fontaine et Fils Inc.

Camille Fontaine & Fils Caring for the environment with dynamism…

The company

Camille Fontaine & Fils is located in Saint-Hyacinthe, 50 km east of Montreal. The company has been operating in the Saint-Hyacinthe region since 1958, in the sectors of waste and recycling management.

With a work force of 100 persons, a fleet of 104 vehicles, 3,000 containers and associated infrastructure, Camille Fontaine & Fils serves the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and is recognised as a leader in environmental management. Camille Fontaine & Fils is expanding its operations and is actively seeking new markets and territories.

Since January 1st 1997, the company has also been serving the needs of the Régie intermunicipale de gestion des déchets de la région maskoutaine (Maskoutain Regional Waste Management Board), looking after both household waste and recyclable material pick-up. This operation covers about 40,000 homes in 22 municipalities, mainly located in the Maskoutain and Acton MRC’s.

Camille Fontaine & Fils has built a reputation for the quality and cleanliness of its vehicle fleet and for its professionalism.

We offer our clients impeccable service, which is backed up by four mobile quality control units. We are very involved in the rental and pick-up of containers of every size and in the management of demolition and construction wastes. We also provide a delivery service of sealed containers for the treatment of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. As a member of the “Groupe Camille Fontaine”, Servibac inc. supplies environmental products and services, notably the rental and sale of waste containers for homes and small businesses.

At Camille Fontaine & Fils, a code of safety is central to our waste management and handling procedures. Our company’s dynamism ensures rapid service to our clients, and constant improvement of their environment.

Since 2003, Camille Fontaine & Fils has been a member of Conseil des Entreprises de Services Environnementaux (C.E.S.E.) “Council of Environmental Services Companies”. Their main objective is the management of solid and liquid wastes.

Commercial activities


Rental service

Camille Fontaine & Fils offers its clientele an ever-increasing range of environmental services in all activity sectors which require sanitary services.

We provide a rental service for containers of every size, which allow home-owners, businesses and industries to dispose of wastes generated by construction, renovation or demolition projects. Moreover, we hold a provincial transport permit as well as a permit for transporting toxic wastes. This latter service covers the whole of MRC des Maskoutains, as well as neighbouring MRC’s. s

Our rental equipment includes:

  • 3,000 containers from 1.5 to 30 m3 (2 verges cubes à 40 verges cubes)
  • Special containers for contaminated soils
  • Waste compactors
  • Containers on wheels for households

Transport service
Camille Fontaine & Fils offers you a service geared to your needs. The company has the right equipment for you, whether it’s for transporting waste metal, demolition wastes or septic tank sludge.

Waste and recycling management service
Camille Fontaine & Fils picks up solid and liquid wastes and delivers them to a sorting centre. The company recuperates lumber, construction wastes and metals.

We are at your service
Our expertise and experience, and the wide range of our activities make us a company with a total environmental role.

In response to your needs, we have developed a service which is second to none. Our goal is excellence and we aim for continuous improvement. Living in an environment of high quality is a priority for Camille Fontaine & Fils Inc.

The company’s administration policies emphasise helping the local economy and favouring sustainable development. The company’s activities generate important economic spin-offs for the Maskoutain region, and make it a recognised leader in the environmental sector.


Camille Fontaine & Fils operations are essentially within Quebec.