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SNC Lavalin Environnement Inc.

The company

SNC – Lavalin Environment Inc. is known to be among the top Canadian consulting firms in the field of environmental sciences, environmental engineering and geotechnics. We are a member of the SNC – Lavalin Group, Canada’s first engineering firm. Our tradition and experience goes back to 1937, in the field of geotechnical engineering, and to 1973 in the field of environmental sciences.

SNC – Lavalin Environment is noted for its multidisciplinary professional team made up of geologists, geographers, meteorologists, oceanographers, engineers, biologists, economists, agronomists, chemists and specialists in hydrogeology, social sciences and legal services.

SNC – Lavalin Environment can serve a diversified clientele made up of enterprises of all sizes, all levels of government, domestic and international organizations, financial institutions and development banks. In addition, since 1995 it has offered quality assurance recognized by the ISO 9001 standard.

SNC – Lavalin Environment multidisciplinary team of professionals offers consulting services in the following sector of activities: environmental studies, contaminated sites, waste management, mining activities, pollution control, geotechnical engineering, material control and rural development.

Commercial activities

Expertise and Services

Overview of our services and fields of activities:

  • Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Digital cartography, input of CAD data into GIS, mathematical modelling, structuring of geo-referenced data-base, mapping using satellite imagery and ortophotos, planning and implementation of geographic information systems (GIS), processing and classification of satellite imagery, processing of geographic positioning systems (GPS), thematic mapping and programming.
  • Urban Engineering ­Water aspect ­ Supply, treatment, distribution of drinking water, collection and treatment of wastewater, management of rainwater, network and control infrastructures.
  • Rural Development : classification of agricultural lands, master planning, irrigation and drainage systems, assistance to farmers and water users associations, management, training and agricultural extension.
  • Environmental impact studies concerning industrial projects, linear infrastructure, projects in marine environments, resource management projects and assistance in obtaining permits.
  • Environmental audits: audits pertaining to transactions or compliance and management audits.
  • Environmental training: training course, institutional reinforcement, technical assistance, environmental management systems (ISO 14000).
  • Geological and geotechnical studies: trials and laboratory analyses, design, plans and specifications, foundations and choice of burial sites.
  • Contaminated sites: site characterization and restoration.
  • Solid and hazardous wastes: professional services related to urban, commercial, industrial and hazardous waste, feasibility studies, design of installations and monitoring (burial sites, incinerators and composting plan).
  • Mining sites: impact studies on projects, development plan, site-closure plans and management of mine tailings and muck.
  • Control of construction and material quality: inspection and supervision of major projects, trials and laboratory analysis and analyses on concrete, steel and construction materials.
  • Air and acoustics: dispersion study, air quality monitoring, emission monitoring, noise and vibration control.
  • Ground water: hydrogeological studies and hydrogeology of contaminants.
  • Aquatic environment and ocean: physical oceanography. Marine geophysics, freshwater biology and chemistry, sedimentology, integrated cost management and fisheries management.


Environmental studies

With the collaboration of the Canadian International Development Agency, our firm is presently offering technical assistance and institutional strengthening to two different projects in Asia ; one is in China and the other is in Vietnam. Our functions for this project include training, assistance with environmental legislation and policies and elaboration of a pollution control system.

Technical assistance in China

For the Centre Patronal en Environnement du Québec, we offer an environmental training programme design for managers from the public and private sectors. We have also, in parallel, initiated an ISO 14 001 training project for a zinc and lead mining site, in Peru.

Air and acoustics

We are actively participating to the implementation of a unique program for the detection and control of volatile organic compound. Jointly, we have developed DEFI, which is an in-house software, used to control and manage the various emissions from the petroleum industry

Contaminated sites and Ground water

An oil company mandated SNC – LAVALIN Environment Inc. to characterize and rehabilitate water and soil at several active and inactive service stations in Quebec. After evaluating the sensitivity of the sites and the extent of the contamination, an appropriate remedial action plan was developed. The rehabilitation methods used by our firm for recovering hydrocarbons and decontaminating soil included shafts and recovery trenches as well as bioventilation, steam extraction and bioslurping systems. Mobile air and water treatment units were also used.

Geotechnical engineering and material testing

When the former Forum was relocated to the Molson Center, our firm was mandated to conduct a comprehensive environmental audit for the buildings and the installations to be demolished. We have also conducted an exhaustive characterization study of the underground waters and soils. SNC – LAVALIN Environment Inc. has also conducted a comprehensive geotechnical study and we have developed the various plans preliminary to the excavation work. Our firm has also done the design of ground support, drainage facilities and building foundations.


Our firm is active on a worldwide scale. SNC – LAVALIN Environment Inc. is presently conducting projects on all 5 continents.