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Ecosfera Inc.

Consulting Experts in Environmental Sciences

Our vision

The Ecosfera team is contributing to the resolution of problems with which contractors, managers and business leaders must deal, by offering essential services in the environmental field: employee training, prevention and reduction of pollution at the source, environmental characterization and studies, etc.

Our personnel are qualified, dynamic and dedicated; their expertise is available to help clients deal with challenges.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to environmental protection: firstly, by better management of technology, and human and natural resources, and secondly, by promotion and implementation of preventive measures in industry, businesses and institutions.

Our commitment to quality

Ecosfera commits to mobilizing its resources to guarantee a quality product in keeping with clients expectations. Ecosfera will ensure the dedication and implication of each of its team members, and commits to supplying a recognized, constantly high-quality service to clients


Training in environment and processes

 Ecosfera is actively involved in the field of training, and builds programs in response to needs, whether these be courses or seminars in the areas of depollution, industrial processes, environmental sciences, regulation or other. These programs are aimed both at business and teaching establishments. Ecosfera ensures the quality of its courses, using the most up-to-date teaching tools such as electronic presentations, multimedia, etc.

Business courses

The courses given to businesses are aimed at either managerial and administrative staff, or at workers and technical personnel.

The courses for workers and technical staff tend to be more specialized and are frequently preceded by an analysis of operations relevant to their job functions. This analysis serves to identify the environmental impacts of these operations on the environment. The course is then developed and dwells on means of prevention, reduction or elimination of environmental impacts.

Education courses

Ecosfera offers different kinds of support services to teaching establishments at university and college levels. These include the development of courses in collaboration with these establishments, development of teaching and computer-based materials, as well as the actual teaching of courses.

 Prevention of pollution

The working habits and management procedures of both company employees and managers have an important impact on environmental quality. Hence efforts aimed at reducing pollution must not only target industrial processes, but also work and management routines that a company puts into effect.

 Ecosfera can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Establishing a systematic vision of a business and its operations ;

  • Identification of discharge sources and their real causes ;

  • Process analyses with a view to their optimization ;

  • Development of strategies for resolving environmental problems in keeping with the following hierarchical rationale:

    1. prevention

    2. reduction at source

    3. recycling, in all its forms

    4. change of technology

    5. treatment at the end of process, as a last resort, or development of appropriate technologies

  • Training ;

  • Industrial hygiene, health and safety.

Optimal utilization of human and material resources not only contributes to the quality of life and to resource conservation, but also to companies profitability.

 Characterization and environmental studies

Promotion of sustainable development to protect our precious resources is based on an ecosystem approach or, in other words, on the recognition and understanding of the close linkages between human, economic and environmental activities.

With a view to protecting natural resources and the quality of the environment, Ecosfera offers a range of environmental study and characterization services, which can be broadly summarized as follows:

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis program

  • Statistical analysis of environmental data

  • Environmental chemistry and toxicology

  • Waste management

  • Environmental evaluation

  • Impact studies

  • Modeling (air, water)

  • Health risk analysis

  • Technological risk analysis and emergency plans

  • Audits

  • Permit and registration applications

  • Conformity studies

  • Expert witness services

  • Etc.

 Environmental management

At a time when changes to management methods are current, Ecosfera examines various approaches to environmental management with industrialists, governments and other organizations, in response to their needs. The following services are offered in this respect:

  • Environmental management plan (cities, institutions, etc.)

  • Establishment of environmental policies for institutions

  • Total quality approach to the environment

  • Environmental ethics

  • Applied fiscality to the environment

  • Subsidy applications

  • Support for implementation and management of environmental programs (training, policies, etc.)

  • Other

In addition, technical aid, management and communication services are offered to businesses and organizations working in the environmental field at the international level.

Existing export markets

  • Quebec

  • Ontario