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EnviroServices Inc.

Science and environmental awareness


Enviroservices has been a leader in the field of water engineering since 1979, with over twenty specialists including engineers, biologists, chemists geologists, and technicians. The quality of the work performed by these professionals earned Enviroservices the Dominique Rollin award for excellence, a prestigious prize given by the Chambre de commerce de la Rive-Sud (Montreal South Shore Chamber of Commerce) and was also awarded the Business of the Year award for excellence by the Chambre de commerce des Moulins.

The firm specializes in water engineering and has been offering a complete soil environmental evaluation, underground water, and environmental management services since the early 1990s.


Drinking water

  • Flow measurement
  • Production and consumption analysis
  • Leak search supervision

Industrial and municipal wastewater

  • Training
  • Flow measurement
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Treatability analysis
  • I/I studies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance assessment
  • Treatment plant operation
  • Engineering


  • Construction management
  • Municipal infrastructure design
  • Design of neutralization units
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Process system evaluation and design
  • Petroleum Engineering

Environmental evaluations

  • Environmental risk management
  • Environmental management systems (EMS or ISO 14001)
  • Environmental compliance audit
  • Waste management plans and programs
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental impact evaluation
  • Emergency preparedness and response

Site characterization

  • Site history
  • Soil and groundwater characterization
  • Studies of geological and hydrogeological characteristics
  • Identification of contamination sources
  • Evaluation of the extent of contamination
  • Drafting of technical reports on environmental quality

Site restoration

  • Supervision of remedial actions
  • Treatment and management of contaminated soils
  • Treatment of contaminated water
  • Project management
  • Recovery of petroleum products from the soil
  • Plant decontamination at the time of closure
  • Remedial technology feasability assessment


Consulting engineers

Our services are used by engineering firms and other Industries.


Pulp and paper
and others


We have undertaken projects for most Quebec municipalities.


City of Edmonton
LPEE, Morocco
Enpol, Poland

Consulting engineers

  • Storm-water flow measurement
  • Effluent characterization for design of treatment
  • Performance assessment
  • I/I studies


  • Effluent characterization
  • Systems efficiency evaluation
  • Verification of environmental compliance
  • Calibration of measuring systems
  • Design of systems for effluent treatment and/or neutralization
  • Special tests (plume, smoke, dye testing, etc.)


  • Network diagnosis
  • Treatment plant management
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Storm-water overflow
  • Sewer back-up


  • Training in industrial characterization
  • Large-scale flow measurement programs
  • Environmental consulting
  • Environmental monitoring


Major projects accomplished in recent years:

  • characterization of effluents from nine (9) mining sites;
  • characterization of storm run-off from Ontario Pickering, Darlington, and Bruce nuclear power plants;
  • characterization of industrial effluents from twenty-three (23) of the fifty (50) establishments classed as priorities under the St. Lawrence River Action Plan;
  • technology transfer with a Moroccan laboratory, and personnel training;
  • approximately twenty dispersion plumes for industrial and municipal wastewater;
  • storm-water flow measurements.

Current export markets

Eastern Europe

Targeted export markets

United States
South America
Poland – Eastern Europe