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Company profile

DESSAU is a Canadian consulting firm providing multidisciplinary services in the engineering, environmental and construction management fields. Resulting from a merger of DESSAU and SOPRIN in 1998 of two of Quebec’s leading firms, DESSAU represents over 50 years of experience and employs more than 3,000 people. Active in both the national and international markets, DESSAU offers a wide range of expertise that reflects Canadian excellence in the following fields :

  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Geotechnique, Materials & Quality
  • Urban Development
  • Project Management & Construction
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Building Engineering
  • Systems and Technologies
  • Urbanism and Landscape Architecture
  • Automation and Control Centres

The merger between DESSAU and SOPRIN results from a shared vision of what consulting engineering is to become. Moreover, both firms have jointly carried out numerous major projects in Canada and abroad, during their respective experience of over forty years. DESSAU-SOPRIN represents several generations of expertise and know-how and brings together complementary professional resources.

While remaining true to traditional engineering services, DESSAU seeks continually to respond to emerging issues and technologies by developing new ways to carry out projects and demonstrating its expertise in fields such as energy efficiency services, environmental management systems and maintenance and operations management.

Expertise in Environment

For many years, DESSAU  has endorsed an environmental policy promoting sustainable development in all its projects. As part of its strategic long-term vision, the firm recognizes the fundamental interdependency that exists between the management of environment issues and the objectives of human development. This understanding constitutes the cornerstone of the integrated approach that the firm brings to all its mandates. It also underlines the importance of environmental issues inherent to sound development.

Environmental enhancement requires the integration of complementary expertise. To respond effectively to this challenge, DESSAU has built a team of seasoned professionals trained in the natural sciences, social sciences and planning professions. Their dynamism and diverse qualifications have enabled the firm to position itself as a leader in the provision of environmental services in the Province of Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, as well as in several countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

DESSAU offers a wide range of environmental services to clients in the private, para-public and public sectors. Its professionals draw on their knowledge of recognized methods and new trends, notably in the areas of water resources management, soil decontamination, air pollution control, waste management, environmental impact assessments, environmental management systems, as well as social and economic analyses. DESSAU applies an integrated environmental approach to transportation, energy, water, waste management and urban development projects. In addition, the firm works to advance research and guidelines in the environmental sector.

Through its complementary skills and innovative approach, DESSAU strives to promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

Commercial activities


Main services

Turnkey projects
Feasibility studies
Techno-economic studies
Plans and specifications for construction
Implementation, construction and supervision
Operation and management
Research and development
Geomatics and Geographic Information Systems
Building Hygiene
Industrial Hygiene

Water Management

Characterization and treatment of contaminated water
Hydrogeological assessments and water supply research
Toxicological and ecotoxicological risks analyses
Environmental monitoring
Instrumentation and control
Design and implementation of pilot projects
Vulnerability studies and aquifer protection
Water supply, treatment and distribution
Collection and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater
Improvement of water body quality
Stormwater management
Sludge treatment and management programs
Characterization and modeling of ground water and wastewater
Operation of water filtration and wastewater treatment plants

Air Quality

Air sampling
Characterization and modeling of atmospheric dispersion
Asbestos management
Gaseous effluent treatment
Measurement, modeling and control of odours and noise
Assessments of risks and impacts of atmospheric effluents

Indoor air quality

Sampling of indoor air
Micro-organism measurement (fungi and bacteria)
Chemical pollutant measurement
Ventilation and thermal comfort measurement
Evaluation of the hermetic building syndrome

Contaminated Sites

Site characterization
Contaminated site restoration
Contaminated soils treatment
Toxicological and ecotoxicological risks analyses
Environmental monitoring
Design and implementation of pilot projects
Geotechnical studies
Environmental studies in the mining sector

Waste Management

Integrated waste management master plans
Waste characterization assessments
Waste reduction,recycling and recovery programs, waste treatment and disposal methods, composting studies
Leachate and sludge treatment
Design of safe storage and containment sites
Adminstrative support
Financing and tariffication
Communication Plans

Environmental assessment

Impact assessments and identification of mitigation measures
Ecological inventories and assessments
Human and natural environment studies
Natural resource management (forestry, fisheries, agriculture, etc.)
Development of training materials and guidelines

Noise and Vibration

Industrial noise and worker health
Architectural acoustics and soundproofing
Computer modeling
Design of noise mitigation measures
Vibration analysis

Environmental management

Phase I Environmental site assessments
Environmental management systems (ISO 14 000 & EMS)
Environmental compliance audits
Environmental training
Evaluation of environmental performance and of technological risks
Risk assessment and management and emergency planning
Environmental information systems (EIS)
Management strategies for natural resources (watersheds, coastal resources, etc.)
Hazardous waste management
Government permits and authorizations

Social and economic studies

Socio-economic and socio-political analyses
Public consultation programs
Community resettlement and development programs
Environmental health studies
Ergonomics (lighting and workstations)
Epidemiological Studies
Promotion of women in development
Institutional support and technical assistance
Urban and regional land use planning and development


Development of the Waste Management Program for the Montreal Metropolitan Community

Five Year Agreement for Integrated Characterisation and Rehabilitation Services for Service Stations and Petroleum Depots

Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Nor Litoral Region of Venezuela



Dominican Republic