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Symbiose Consultants Inc.

A lasting association of two or more different organisms that allows them to live with benefits to each of them.

A close union of persons or things.

The Company

Symbiose Consultants maintains a Quebec-wide presence. The company is made up of a team of environmental specialists with training in various fields (geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, biologist, environmental technologists), with technical support staff and may call upon other professionals during peak periods.

The Symbiose multi-disciplinary team already has many achievements to its credit. Over 5000 environmental characterization project, participation in the rehabilitation of some 1000 sites, more than 100 environmental impact studies. Legal expertises etc.

Symbiose Consultants has built its reputation on a constant quest for innovation and a respect for deadlines, financial obligations, and environmental commitments. It is also renowned for its exceptional performance, aimed to ensure lasting associations with its partners, in keeping with environmental ethics and good practice.

Commercial activities


Symbiose Consultants are environmental specialists providing consulting services in the following fields:

Environmental characterization

  • Verification of environmental standards and audits (phase 1)
  • Preliminary environmental characterization (phase 2) and exhaustive (phase 3)
  • Decontamination (phase 4)
  • Inventory of contaminated materials (volumes and concentrations)
  • Calculating the restoration costs
  • Restoration by biodegradation
  • Risk and analysis vulnerability
  • Agressivity test of the soil on underground petroleum equipment

Rehabilitation of contaminated land

  • Site decontamination of industrial, commercial and residential use (phase 4)
  • Design, production and service start-up of in situ and ex situ treatment systems
  • Managing and carrying out of restoration by biodegradation

Sector-based studies

  • Hydrogeology, geophysics, geology, geotechnics, geomorphology, aerial photograph interpretation
  • Pyrite expertises
  • Locating and implantation of capturing system of potable water supply sources and underground water
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drinking water
  • Plume modelling of contamination
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Explosimeter measures of hydrocarbon concentration
  • Removal, replacement and verification of petroleum equipment
  • C.A. applications (sanitary dump site implementation and management, snow dump site implementation and management, contaminated soil and water treatment site implementation and management)
  • Market studies and economics evaluation
  • Plans and estimates

Characterization and decontamination of soils, water, and air:

  • A range of services available, from preliminary characterization to full rehabilitation of contaminated sites
  • Assessment of environmental repercussions and economic assessment of mitigation measures
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining certificates of authorization

Legal expertise:

  • Environmental law
  • Contracts
  • Health and safety
  • Representation before the courts
  • Polluter-Payer:
    – Evaluation
    – Counter-expertise
    – Comparative Methods Application
    – Literature Review, Archives
    – Interpretation of regulations
    – Negociation
    – Mediation
    – Arbitration
    – Representation to trial (expert testimony), client representation and advise to client’s
    attorneys with respect to environmental affairs :  technical, administrative (project schedule
    and cost analyses) as well as legal (expert knowledge of laws, procedures, governance)


Site characterization and decontamination

Symbiose has headed various projects involving compliance monitoring (phase I), preliminary or exhaustive environmental characterization (phase II and III), and decontamination (phase IV). Some of these are listed below:

  • Real-estate transactions for service stations, oil-company bulk depots, and numerous municipalities
  • Powerstations and pipelines on First Nation Territories
  • Contaminated residential lands in numerous municipalities, for insurance claims
  • Dismantling and replacement of petroleum-industry infrastructure
  • Site closing planning


Targeted export markets

– North America

Symbiose is also seeking local and international alliances through partnerships, financial investors and other agreements to develop and undertake environmental projects.