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Biothermica Technologies Inc.

 Biothermica Technologies inc.

The company

Founded in 1987, Biothermica is specialized in the research, development and exploitation of gas and waste treatment technologies. Providing full engineering services from feasibility studies through to detailed design, construction management, start-up and after sale service, Biothermica’s expertise is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Air Pollution Control Technologies;
  • Landfill gas management and utilization;
  • The building of small power plants from landfill gas and/or biomass.

Biothermica International Inc.’s research and development efforts in:

  • The treatment of industrial emission and odors by Regenerative Thermal Oxidation;
  • The development of High temperature baghouse filtration systems;
  • The production of electricity from landfill gas and biomass.

Have led to the successful development of the BIOTOX® Regenerative Thermal Oxidation process for the treatment of industrial fumes (VOC, COC, HAP, TRS and odours), and the CLINOX® High temperature baghouse filtration system for the treatment of dust from bark boilers. With its partner, Biothermica start-up the building and operation of the Gazmont 25 MW power plant from landfill gas at the CTED site in Montreal.

Biothermica employs a team of fifteen professionals in the engineering, construction and air pollution control fields and in 1994 received the Canada Award of Excellence, Innovation category and in 1999, The J.Deanne Sensenbaugh award From the air and waste management.

Commercial activities

Air Pollution Control Technologies


The BIOTOX® system is a regenerative thermal oxidation process developed by Biothermica. It represents nearly nine (9) years of research and development in volatile (VOC) and condensible (COC) organic compound treatment. This process offers a destruction efficiency of 99.9 % and thermal recoveries of 85 %.

The BIOTOX® process has been successfully applied to the treatment of emissions from the asphalt paper and shingle, the Kraft pulp and paper, the anode preparation process (aluminum), the painting and printing industries.

Regenerative oxidation consists of a combustion process combined to an energy (heat) recovery system. At a sufficiently high temperatures and residence times, any VOC can be oxidized to form carbon dioxide and water. Regenerative oxidation is capable of achieving very high VOC and COC destruction efficiencies with minimal energy input due to a high heat recovery ratio. A high VOC and COC destruction efficiency is a guarantee that all odours coming from industrial processes are eliminated.


The CLINOX® dust collector makes it possible to filter high temperature gaseous effluents containing incandescent particles. This technology is based on the same principle as conventional bag filter systems. However, it uses stainless steel filter bags which can withstand temperatures up to 600 0C. The CLINOX® system is suitable for treating gaseous effluents from such sources as barkboilers, cement works and metallurgical factories.

Electrostatic precipitators

Biothermica distributes and installs electrostatic precipitators from Belco and SEI design.


Based on its expertise in landfill gas management, Biothermica has developed an invisible flame flaring system to control landfill gas emissions. This system, named BIOFLARE®, can incinerate any biogas from a landfill site, with or without a vacuum system. The BIOFLARE® system offers complete combustion control features to assure an efficient and secure destruction of landfill gas. The typical destruction efficiency of the BIOFLARE® system is 99.8 %.

Landfill gas management and utilization

Biothermica can help landfill site owners manage, control and/or utilize landfill gas for energy purposes in a cost-effective manner.

Landfill gas generation potential and evaluation

  • Design and turn-key installation of landfill gas collection, flaring and recovery plants;
  • Supervision, operation and maintenance of collection and flaring network;
  • Control of odours and toxic emissions;
  • Supervision of the quality of ambient air around the site;
  • Evaluation of landfill gas emissions at the surface of the site;
  • Evaluation of landfill gas migration outside a site.

Building of power plants from landfill gas and biomass

Biothermica finances, builds and operates, in Canada and internationally, thermal power plants from landfill gas and biomass. Biothermica owns, along with SNC, the 25 MW Gazmont Power Plant from landfill gas. Biothermica built for the Lachenaie center a 3,65 MW power plant from landfill. Biothermica is actually developing new projects internationally.


Biothermica has installed 10 BIOTOX® units in the following industries: asphalt paper and shingle manufacturing, kraft pulping, aluminum, painting shops and printing shops. Three units are actually under construction to treat PCB, dioxins and furans coming from a magnesium extraction and production plant.

For its BIOTOX® applications, Biothermica received the Canada Business Award, Innovation category, in 1994, by the Ministry of Industry of Canada, the Merite Environnemental, by the Ministry of Environment of Quebec in 1997, and the Prix Technologie 1998 from the technological innovation association of Quebec (ADRIQ).

Biothermica has installed 4 electrostatic precipitators and is currently undergoing commercialization of its CLINOX® High temperature baghouse filter system.

In its landfill gas management and utilization division, Biothermica has an internationally well known expertise with over forty projects realized in Canada and internationally.

Biothermica realized the building and operation of the Gazmont 25 MW power plant in Montreal, the building of a 3,65 MW power plant from landfill gas at Lachenaie and has undergoing projects in foreign countries.


Biothermica is active in Canada, United States, England, Egypt, Europe, South and Central America and Dominican Republique. Biothermica is working on opening its market in Latin America and Europe.