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The company

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC. provides integrated environmental solutions (products and services). We design efficient purification system and provide global solutions for air pollution treatment. Over the past years, the company has developed specific environmental solutions providing leading edge technologies adapted to the following industries;

Pulp & Paper

  • Collection, transport, treatment of non condensible gases (NCG), (SOG) and dissolving tank vent.
  • Transport and treatment of foul condensates.
  • Chemical oxidation of DNCG.


We have designed and modernized several dust removal systems.


  • Design and supply of VOC absorption systems involving explosive, corrosive and toxic gases. We have helped several mills to conform with new environmental regulations.

Food Processing, Municipal Waste Water Treatment

  • We have specified, designed and supplied systems to recuperate particles, eliminate odor from different processes requiring baghouses, scrubbers.

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR is composed of application engineers, specialized in the design and fabrication of air pollution treatment system aiming at energy recuperation, particle recovery and treatment of odor, combustion gases, process gases, VOC.

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR proposes an integrated solution adapted to specific customer needs involving the selection of innovative and leading edge technologies.

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR is involved in all aspect of projects from conceptual design through start-up and adds international resources to meet the wold’s most stringent environmental standards.

Our mandate is to offer the most efficient and reliable leading-edge process techniques and technologies. Our commitment is to achieve client satisfaction through our proven partnership approach and highly qualified team.

In order to consolidate our competitive position, MESAR/ENVIRONAIR has concluded vertical and horizontal strategic alliances in several sectors. As a matter of fact, a strategic alliance between us and USFilter, HPD Products (a worldwide leader in evaporation and crystallization technology) allowed the creation of the “Cluster Rule Compliance Team” (CRCT) which was very productive for the MACT1. For the MACT2, the same approach with other partners takes place.

As a result, we are able to offer innovative environmental solutions that are fully integrated into various processes, which satisfy the most stringent environmental standards in the world, e.g., TÜV and EPA.
The company’s R&D initiatives allow for the constant enhancement of its range of products and the discovery of new applications.

Commercial activities


  • Design, engineering and delivery of airborne emission treatment systems
  • Scrubber design to absorb contaminated industrial gas emissions.
  • Dust and particle collecting devices design for recuperation or elimination.
  • Collection, transportation and treatment of non condensible gases.
  • Condensate and contaminated liquid stripping
  • Turn key projects

Our partners
Commercial :

  • USFilter, HPD Products
  • Environair Asia
  • Université Laval


  • Canada
  • United States
  • Latin America
  • Asia

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR is pursuing the international extension of its operations into a number of industrial sectors. The company is seeking innovative technologies and solutions pertaining to the treatment of airborne emissions and industrial waste.