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Enviro-links : Water Management

Come to consult our various links on water management.


Home Water Conservation
Water Conservation has become the most important concerns. Every year the Government from all over the world along with the Environmental Protection Agency is running campaigns all over the world to bring this to a nearby solution. But, it seems like we are not bothered at all about any water loss. Some of us keep the tap open while brushing our teeth and some of us use regular showers. In fact, not obeying the water conservation tips has been a regular habit for most of the people. Conservation of water is not only our concern but we also must maintain and stop wasting water. There are several ways which can help you to conserve water at any time. This guide on Home Water Conservation will help you to know more and get better results.

International Joint Commission (IJC)
The International Joint Commission is an independent binational organization established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Its purpose is to help prevent and resolve disputes relating to the use and quality of boundary waters and to advise Canada and the United States on related questions.

Regroupement des organisations de bassin versant du Québec (ROBVQ)
The Regroupement des organisations de bassin versant du Québec (ROBVQ) is a non-profit organization created in November 2001 and recognized by the ministry for the durable Development, the Environment and the Parks of Quebec as being its privileged interlocutor to implement the integrated watershed management in Quebec.

St.Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026
The St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026 site is devoted entirely to the St. Lawrence River. It also presents the results of activities carried out jointly by the governments of Canada and Québec under the St. Lawrence Action Plan.

Watersheds Canada
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds has become a resource for individuals, organizations and agencies who are interested in protecting and conserving watercourses across Canada. They developed a number of tools to help share information and build capacity to assist in local level efforts.


Académie de l’eau (France)
The Academie de l’eau (France) was created in 1993 has the role of organizing a prospective and interdisciplinary reflexion which must profit of water management.

Centre d’Information de l’Eau
The Centre d’Information de l’Eau gather general information to make it available for all.

Commercial Capital Training – Water Conservation & Possibilities
This page explains the importance of water conservation and how it could represents opportunities.

Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water
Web-site on water of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

French Data Reference Centre for Water (SANDRE)
The French Data Reference Centre for Water (SANDRE) is in charge of implementing a common language for water data exchange. Working within the French Information System for Water (SIE), its top priorities are to make compatible and homogeneous data definitions and exchanges between producers, users and databanks.

International Office of Water
Its objective is to gather public and private partners involved in water resources management and protection in France, Europe and in the world in order to set up a real partners’ network.

United Nations Environment Network – Monitoring Water Quality
Web-site on freshwater of the United Nations Environment Network (UNEP).

Water Environment Federation
Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. The WEF network includes water quality professionals from 76 member associations in 30 countries.