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Enviro-links : Environmental Technologies Resources

Into technology? We have an international list of important sites relating to technology and the environment just for you.

Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec
The CRIQ’s mission is to stimulate Quebec’s economic development by joining companies in their efforts for innovation. Adopting a global approach to their needs, CRIQ offers expertise at the forefront of knowledge in the areas of production technologies, industrial and technological information, and standardization.

Center for energy efficiency and renewable technologies (CEERT)
CEERT is a nonprofit public-benefit organization founded in 1990 in Sacramento. CEERT mission is to promote public awareness and attainment of the air quality improvement and other public benefits available through increased utilization of energy conservation and nonpolluting electricity generation and transportation technologies.

Sustainability Resources
Provides a list of eco-friendly resources that help to educate, reflect, and innovate on environmental issues. These resources are authorities on climate change and conservation, sources for environmental information and news, and references for those interested in or pursuing a career in sustainability advice on living a greener lifestyle.

Perlego – What is Climate Change?
At over 10,000 words, the article explores things like human impact on climate change, various strategies to combat climate change, defining climate change vs global warming, climate change throughout history and a ton more. Seriously, we really tried to cover all of our bases here; the article touches on just about every angle of this topic I can think of and offers further reading materials for most talking points. Way more than I can possibly detail in an email. It also features excerpts and quotes from dozens of books and climate change experts and an external resources section where readers can dive even deeper.

Consortium on Green Desing and Manufacturing (CGDM)
The Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing (CGDM) was formed in 1993 to encourage multi- disciplinary research and education on environmental management, design for environment and pollution prevention issues in critical industries. – Faculty and students from UC Berkeley’s

Environmental and Protection Services Program (AMES Laboratory)
The Ames Laboratory’s Environmental & Protection Sciences Program is playing an important role in the U. S. Department of Energy’s initiative to clean up hazardous waste, responding to remediation problems that need faster, safer, better or cheaper technological solutions. You’ll find information here about those technologies, the scientists behind them, and our efforts to move these technologies into the marketplace.

Environmental Expert
Environmental Expert connects over 400,000 environmental industry professionals from around the globe to over 10,000 companies that provide the products, services and information they need to do their job successfully.

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program
The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program is an initiative designed to accelerate the growth and marketability of the Canadian environment industry, by providing independent validation of environmental technology performance claims.

Find Energy
Find Energy uses government and proprietary data to show consumers expected costs of installing solar, the solar potential of their area based on solar exposure, rebates and incentives available to the consumer and some of the companies that operate within their region.

Global Directory for Environmental Technology (Eco-Web)
The Green Pages database was started in 1994 with the goal of setting up a network, linking a global audience who needed or provided environmental products and services. Our efforts focus on delivering a forum where information about sustainable technologies and solutions passes easily, freely and directly.

Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)
The Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET) contains information resources on environmental news, innovative environmental technologies, government environmental technology programs, contracting opportunities, market assessments, market information, current events and other material of interest to the environmental technology community.

Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre
Québec Biotechnology Innovation Centre (QBIC), a not-for-profit private organisation founded in 1995, is a business incubator specialized in biotechnology. QBIC is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in business mentoring services for the biotechnology sector.

Sustainability guide
This guide help small business owners implement sustainable practices.

Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN)
The Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information Web Site provides information about innovative treatment technology to the hazardous waste remediation community. It describes programs, organizations, publications, and other tools for federal and state personnel, consulting engineers, technology developers and vendors, remediation contractors, researchers, community groups, and individual citizens. The site was developed by the U.S. EPA but is intended as a forum for all waste remediation stakeholders.