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Categorie: Municipal and institutional

This section contains technologies that are specifically adapted to the municipal and institutionnal field.

Acme Engineering Products Ltd.

Technologies and services. Three divisions : boilers and associated heating products; gas detectors for building ventilation control (carbon monoxide, CO2 , diesel fumes and VOC detectors); and automatic strainers for liquid filtration (remove pollutants as small as 80 microns from any liquid process flow for drinking water and wastewater treatments). The company also offers spill detectors for industries (chemical spills) and buildings. Turnkey projects.

Activa Environnement

Consulting services related to the environement, the exploitation of natural resources and the development of the territory. Our client base consists of industries and businesses, municipalities, government agencies and other consulting firms. Our team is composed of about thirty experiences specialists in biology, agronomy, forest engineering and urban planning who work with different partners (civil engineers, hydrogeologists, etc.). Our strength is in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, the proactivity of our team and the effectiveness of the solutions and advice offered to our clients.

1 866 392-5088

ADDERE Service-Conseil

ADDERE Service-conseil is a non-profit organization that offers consultancy services in sustainable development, environment and social responsibility to firms, institutions and municipal organizations. This is exemplified by projects such as: improving waste and energy management, obtaining certifications recognizing good environmental and/or social practices, strategic planning, improving communication related to sustainable development and finding subventions to realize a project.




Technologies and services. Dangerous waste management (maximum security cells, waste landfill), inorganic waste treatment, water treatment. The company designs and builds sanitary landfills. Incinerators for municipal sludge treatment. Waste drop-off centres. Municipal wastewater treatment plants. The company also designs and builds drinking water treatment plants.
514 287-8500

Aerzen Canada Inc.

Technologies and services. Screw compressors for air and gas compression. Aeration of wastewater basins, biogas recovery, drinking water purification with ozone. Municipal and industrial fields.

Aircom technologies Inc.

Technologies. Biogas flares. Other technologies related to non-environmental applications.
1 (888) 940-4740

Akifer Inc.

Akifer has worked in the environmental and hydrogeological sectors since 1982, more than 35 years ago. Akifer specializes in the environmental evaluation and characterization of soils, groundwater, surface water and sediments, groundwater quality studies and environmental monitoring. Akifer carries out all types of environmental remediation (excavation, in-situ and ex-situ treatment). The verification of environmental compliance is also part of Akifer’s practice areas. One of our other specialities are hydrogeological studies and the search for potable water sources for municipalities or as part of geophysical or geomorphological studies. We can also treat contaminated water with the help of one of out water treatment units. We also prepare authorization certificate requests.

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Consultant providing engineering consulting, material testing, and construction quality control services to developers, prime-consultants, contractors, land owners, government, oil and gas industry, mining industry, and the general public. Some of Alpha Adroit’s services include Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I and Phase II, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Audit, Environmental Sampling and Testing, Soil Testing, Nuclear Density Measurements, Concrete Testing, Asphalt Testing, Aggregate Testing, Geotechnical Engineering Consulting, Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide Remediation, Shoring and Retaining Walls, Frozen Ground Engineering, Tailing Dams, Mine Waste Management, Advanced and Routine Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Testing, Research and Development

1 (844) 423-7648



Technology and services. Amphibex technology. Erosion control and excavation. Amphibious excavator: designed to operate in aquatic or wateride environments.

Aqua Data Inc.

Software. Software for the diagnosis, maintenance, and management of drinking water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Aqua Solution Inc.

Technology and services. Transportable package unit for drinking water treatment for small municipalities. Chlorination and UV treatments. Adapted for tropical regions because the technology can function with the sun as an alternative energy source and can efficiently eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Aquabiotech Inc.

Technologies and services. REBF technology (REcirculation with BioFiltration) for closed-system hatcheries and lobster holding systems (aquaculture). The technology enables nitrates, ammonia, organic particles and faeces removal, and prevents CO2 accumulation.
(819) 849-4440

AquaWaterEau Corporation

Technologies and services. Membrane filtration (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration) for drinking water treatment and manufacturing process water. Resin treatments (activated carbon, green sand, etc.). Water sterilisation using UV treatments and advanced ozone treatments.


Arbre-Evolution offers a carbon offset service through reforestation projects that will sequester GHGs from the atmosphere. Through our Social Reforestation Program, our tree planting projects come from citizen initiatives and maximize the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits of each planted tree. This service is the solution to reduce your ecological footprint in an original way as it educates people, changes landscapes and creates a positive movement in communities near you.

Arrakis Consultants Inc.

ARRAKIS CONSULTANTS INC. is a consulting firm specializing in hydrogeology and the environment, namely the development of water supply wells, groundwater research for the supply of drinking water, the supply of process water for industries, rehabilitation of sampling works, monitoring and management of aquifer operations for the hydrogeology component, and monitoring or control of groundwater contamination, environmental assessments and characterizations (Phases I, II, III) and the remediation of contaminated sites for the environment component. Arrakis also offers specialized geophysical services for different areas of expertise in both areas.



Atara Equipement Ltd

Atara Equipment Ltd specialises in conveying equipment for Municipal and Industrial waste, applications in various North American industries (wastewater treatment plants, pulp & paper plants, recycling…) and offers a complete range of services :

– Project design and engineering,
– Manufacturing : spirals, screw conveyors, drainage conveyors,
– Screw compactors, grit classifiers, channel screens, etc.,
– Installation supervision and on site technical assistance,
– Spare parts and replacement parts.



Atelier Phusis

Atelier phusis offers high-level multidisciplinary expertise and develops customized solutions with its clients that respond effectively to environmental issues, particularly those related to biodiversity. Its service offering is structured around three axes: knowledge production (research, capitalization, strategic and prospective analysis), consulting (sharing of expertise, proposal of solutions and project management) and dialogue (social acceptability, training and communication).

(581) 996-2753

Atlas Products

Coagulants and polymers. Products for polluted water treatment, wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment. Products for water dephosphatation. Products for heavy metals treatment and products for decontamination of industrial or municipal water. Sludge dewatering equipment.
(819) 565-9688

Avensys Inc.

Technologies. The company sells materials for water analysis (dissolved oxygen, faecal coliforms, nitrate, etc.), air analysis (SO2, NOx, CO, ozone, biogas, etc.) and soils analysis. Integrated solutions : sensors, data analysers, data management, and solution integration. Monitoring for outdoors, commercial, and industrial environments.

Avizo Experts-Conseils Inc.

Consulting firm working in the areas of infrastructure, technical services, urban planning and development, sewage treatment and the environment. Rich in our 20 years of experience and always innovative, we bring solutions adapting to the different requests of our customers. The varied range of our services allows us to support you in the realization of your projects and that, from A to Z.
1 800 563-2005

Beaulier Inc.

Technologies and services. Gaseous emissions purification. Industrial field. Low and medium pressure pneumatic conveyor systems. Dust collection. Interior air ventilation.

Bélanger Agro-Consultant inc.

Valorization of fertilizing residual materials, including municipal sludge, compost, industrial biosolids, ash and ACM. In addition, the multidisciplinary team specializes in various agri-environmental services.


Berlie-Falco Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Specialist and manufacturer of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment equipment. Complete line of technologies for each step of wastewater treatment process up to sludge drying. Transformation of municipal sludge into fertiliser. Industrial gas treatment (for volatile organic compounds).

BioÉco Environnement

BioEco Environnement specializes in ecology and entomology. The services offered are: the identification and ecology of insects, the study of wetland and terrestrial environments, the inventory of fauna and flora, the study of species with precarious status and collaboration with research. Services are offered to individuals, RCMs, municipalities, government agencies, researchers and other environmental companies. Whether for biodiversity studies, wetland characterization, delineation of the high-water mark, breeding and insect identification, field data collection or data analysis, BioÉco Environnement is here for your big and small projects.


Biofilia Inc.

Biofilia se spécialise en caractérisation territoriale du milieu naturel, en gestion environnementale de projets pour des travaux de développement et d’infrastructure, d’analyses et d’évaluation environnementale, d’atténuation et de compensation visant la conformité environnementale. Services-conseils en environnement : milieu hydrique (cours d’eau, milieu humide), inventaire faunique et floristique, espèces à situation précaire, EES I et II, certificat d’autorisation, contrôle de l’érosion, renaturalisation, diagnose de lac, valeur écologique des milieux, aménagement, géomatique.


Bionest Technologies Inc.

Technology and services. Domestic wastewater disinfection (residential, collective or commercial septic tanks). Biological treatment on a media with anaerobic and aerobic condition cycles.

Biothermica Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Regenerative thermal oxidation process to filter VOCs, COCs, PAHs etc. from industrial gaseous effluents. Dust collector: filters high temperature effluents containing incandescent particles. Electrostatic precipitators for dust and particles. The company also builds power plants producing electricity from landfill gases and biomass. Design and setting up of landfills gas control and recovery networks. Biothermica also manufactures biogas flares.

Bleu écrit en vert

Bleu écrit en vert offers eco-responsible communication solutions respectful of our sensory environment. The objective is to reduce the human advertising impact, responsible for daily noise and visual pollution. For this, the agency develops immersive communication solutions, playing on the intelligence, emotions and curiosity of the public.

514 917-6185



Boite Pac

Boite Pac helps companies achieve their goals in a more socially and environmentally responsible way by obtaining B Corp certification.

(514) 588-1357



Boralex Inc.

Energy. Producer of electricity : wind mill power and thermal power stations from wood residus.

819 363-6363

Broyage Mobile Inc

Broyage Mobile Inc. produit une barrière à sédiments biodégradable à base de BRF. Nous nous spécialisons dans le contrôle de l’érosion, de la sédimentation, de la renaturalisation et de la végétalisation des berges. Nous nous spécialisons aussi dans la récupération de résidus d’élagage et d’émondage en le transformant en BRF et sommes propriétaires d’un broyeur industriel et de toute la machinerie nécessaire.

Camille Fontaine et Fils Inc.

Services. Recyclable material pick-up service. Recycling and waste management sectors, contaminated soil collection. Municipal waste management. The company owns 50 vehicles and 1 700 containers.
(450) 773-9689

Cansolv Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Air pollution treatment to reduce, control or trap SO2 , NOx and CO2 gaseous emissions from refineries (zinc, oil, etc.) and coal-fired power plants.

Catalys Lubrifiants

In addition to its own products, Crevier Lubricants offers a wide range of products from its strategic partners, including hydraulic fluids, conventional lubricants for gasoline and diesel engines, biodegradable lubricants and high performance synthetic lubricants.
BioBlend: Biodegradable hydraulic oil. In case of leakage of a hydraulic system found on dump trucks, street sweepers, “glitch” (common name), etc. the operator must obviously pick up the oil damage but the remaining oil on the ground will not damage the environment because it is biodegradable.
TerraCair: Liquid urea used in some 2011 and older diesel trucks using Selective Catalytic Reduction technology which minimizes emissions gas emissions.

(800) 363-0590


Centre National en électrochimie et en technologies environnementales (CNETE) Inc.

Research and technology transfer mainly in the field of water filtration and separation using membrane technologies (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) for various types of aqueous solution applications (industrial, agricultural, municipal). Technical assistance and consulting for companies that wish to develop or establish a membrane technology. Training in environmental services, support for the establishment of ISO 14000 standards or other management projects.
(819) 539-8508

Chem Action

Technologies. Sodium hypochlorite dose monitoring system for water treatment. Turbidity, pH, chlorine, temperature and water flow analysers.

ChemBrains Services

ChemBrains is made up of a team of experienced chemists, at the service of the environment. We provide on-site analytical services for water treatment processes, using our mobile laboratory. We assist companies in choosing and implementing the best treatment technologies to comply with environmental regulations, applications for licenses and permits, laboratory assembly and the supply of equipment and chemicals. Our experts are also at your disposal to assist you in disputes with your suppliers or in the context of environmental non-compliance.


Chemco Inc.

Coagulants and polymers. Iron or aluminium base coagulants for sludge dewatering (pulp and paper, food industry) and phosphates removal in industrial (pulp and paper) and municipal wastewater. Odours and H2S control. Nutrients for biological treatment systems.
1 800 575-5422

Chemrec Inc.

Technologies and services. Flammable solvents recycling.

Claustra Salix s.e.n.c.

Living willows landscaping services in Québec. Projects may be fences, arbour, tunnel, bench, sculpture, dome, column. All included services with warranty of succed implantation. Ecological solution, excellent for environment creation, respectful and unique.



CO2 Solution

Technology and services. CO2 Solution has developed an innovative technology platform that transform CO2, into an environmentally safe matter by a biological process which exploits an enzyme’s ability to catalyze CO2 transformation in an aqueous medium in the contexte of climate change.

(418) 842-3456

Cole-Parmer (formerly Labcor Technical Sales)

We offer testing, measuring and sampling equipment for air, soil, sludge and water quality.  Detection of several parameters (dissolve oxygen in water, suspended solids in water, CO2 concentration in air, ozone, VOCs, etc.). Fluid handing as well as personal and facility safety equipment.

Compo Recycle / Conteneur Recycle

Établie depuis 1997, Compo Recycle est une entreprise spécialisée en gestion des matières résiduelles résidentielles (collecte à 3 voies dans Lanaudière et les Laurentides) et commerciales (services 2 ou 3 voies clés en main comprenant mise en place, transport et traitement). L’entreprise gère un centre de tri des matières recyclables et organiques et une usine de compostage, situés à Chertsey (QC). Elle se distingue notamment par son volet communication/éducation et les innovations mises de l’avant pour promouvoir et faciliter la valorisation des matières organiques résidentielles et commerciales.

Construction DSL

Sealing specialist for more than 15 years, DSL Construction offers alternatives to the refurbishment of commercial and industrial sheet metal roofing. In addition to providing significant savings, these alternatives are effective and sustainable. In addition, they do not generate waste, maximize the healthy materials already in place and significantly extend the service life of the facilities, in perfect harmony with sustainable development. Our proven methods and our high quality ecological products also allow us to offer sealing and protection solutions for steel and concrete structures and elements such as tanks, pits, retention ponds, etc.
Before proceeding with important and expensive repairs, contact us to know all the options available to you.





Consulair specializes in source sampling, ambient air measurements, laboratory analyses, audits / calibration/maintenance of gas analyzers and continuous measurements equipment (CEM), as well as professional services such as air dispersion studies.

1 (866) 696-9247




Convanta Environmental Solutions

Convanta offers various industries a turnkey solution in waste management. We simplify the management of your hazardous materials, finished products, recyclable materials and controlled substances, in a responsible, environmentally-friendly and safe way.



Coopérative Solution Nature

The Nature Solution Cooperative is an organization composed of consultants working in ecology and environment in the Outaouais and Laurentides regions. The services offered by the cooperative aim at integrating natural environments into the realization of concrete projects adapted to your needs. These services are offered to individuals, businesses, municipalities, parastatals, etc.
(819) 986-7829, ext: 25

D&G Enviro Group Inc.

Since its founding in 1989, D&G Enviro-Group has specialized in environmental audits, impact studies, characterization studies and remediation of contaminated sites. The company’s experience in environmental engineering has served the interests of the business community in projects involving financial institutions, insurance companies, the Ministry of the Environment and other administrative agencies requiring comprehensive environmental site evaluations.

Dagua Inc.

Technologies. DaguaFlo prefabricate and / or mobile units for the filtration and treatment of drinkable surface water or drinkable groundwater polluted by surface water. The technology does not use any chemical. using activated carbon and ozone. Applications: small municipalities or communities.

Daniels Sharpsmart Canada

Daniels was founded in 1986 and now newly installed in the province of Quebec since 2014.  We offer a variety of solutions for all your biomedical waste needs, including service and supplies for sharps waste, non-anatomical waste, anatomical waste, cytotoxic waste and pharmaceutical waste.  Our vision is to develop a system where we can manage all your biomedical waste in a secure and eco-friendly manner.  Daniels offers service in all of North America, Australia, UK and South America.  They also supply what is of no doubt the safest reusable container in the world.  We are very devoted to our customers and in offering the best possible service you deserve.



DBO Expert Inc

Technology. Enviro-Septic MC infiltration chamber for the treatment and evacuation of residential wastewater. The technology can also be installed for commercial wastewater treatment.
(819) 846-3642
1 (866) 440-4975

Dominion & Grimm Environnement inc.

Technology and services. Manufacture and installation of LIPP anaerobic biogas generation system, which process liquid manure, slurry, domestic and vegetable wastes, food industry wastes, sewage sludge, septic tank…

(819) 835-1044

E2Metrix Inc.

Electro-technologies and services. Different wastewater treatment markets. Modular solution and adaptable to any new or existing polishing processing line. The solution to reduce phosphorus to 0 (Zero).

Ecochem International Inc.

Technologies and services. Membrane filtration (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration) to purify closed circuit water and to separate and concentrate pollutants from wastewater. Utilisation of numerous other processes to treat water such as ion exchange, adsorption and biodegradation. Industrial, food processing industry, pharmaceutical, commercial or institutional sectors.
(450) 539-4840

Écogénie inc.

Founded in 1996 by several professionals from the environmental sector, Ecogénie Inc. is distinguished by its unique vision of eco-engineering. This planning and environmental consulting firm uses its knowledge in the field of urban forestry, plant stabilization, the enhancement of natural environments, the development and restoration of degraded sites and environmental studies. ‘environmental impacts.


Ecosfera Inc.

Courses and seminars for companies or institutions such as universities and community colleges. Industrial health and safety. Waste management services. Characterization and environmental studies such as impact studies, modeling and analysis of technological and industrial risk. The company also offers management services such as funding applications and tax system applied to the environment.
(819) 846-4994

Écosphère consultants

Ecosphere consultants is a consulting firm in ecology and environment that offers the following services: flora and fauna inventories, phase 1 environmental site assessment, description of the natural environment (biological and water), request for a certificate of authorization, studies of environmental impacts, delimitation of the natural high water mark, characterization and delimitation of wetlands, development and stabilization of banks and restoration and development of habitats

(418) 725-7500



Electronic Recycling Association

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of electronic waste and the growing “digital divide”. For more than a decade, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from prematurely destroying itself. By focusing on recovery, refurbishment and reuse, ERA continually provides charitable organizations with computer equipment while securely managing the IT assets of organizations and individuals across Canada.

We believe that reuse before recycling is critical in managing the waste created by computer equipment, and by offering the industry-leading data destruction for all the equipment we receive, we have safely reoriented hundreds of tons of equipment.

Because not everything ERA receives can be reasonably redirected, we have partnered with certified recycling organizations to treat equipment that has reached the end of its productive life. This past year alone, ERA has donated more than 1500 computers to community members in need. With deposits across Canada, ERA offers a great way to safely recycle electronic equipment.

Enerconcept Inc.

Technologies and services. Indoor air heating using solar energy for buildings (institutional, industrial or commercial); water heating using solar energy (residential, industrial or commercial). The company also sells a range of products for windmills, hydroelectric turbines, and photovoltaic panels for the residential or commercial sectors.
(819) 843-1323


Énergère is a leading energy services company working across Quebec for almost 20 years. Being both an engineering firm and a general contractor, Énergère implements energy-efficiency turnkey projects in public (health • education • municipal) and private (commercial • industrial) sectors. Énergère also designs and implements heating and cooling systems for dwelling stocks (district energy loops) and provides street lighting services as well.

1 (866) 848-9199




Energy Carboneutre

Soil decontamination and valorisation via volatilisation, resulting in entirely reusable soils and agregates in two weeks.

Energy Ressource Developpement Inc.

Technologies and services. The company manufactures and / or distributes windmills (turbine windmills) that can start with less wind than common windmills and can resist to stronger winds. Can be installed on any buildings roof top. The company also manufactures and / or distributes solar panels.

Enerkem Inc.

Enerkem produces advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals from waste. Its disruptive proprietary technology converts non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into methanol, ethanol and other widely-used chemicals.


Englobe is a specialty engineering and environmental services firm, with over 2,850 staff members and a well-established network of offices and facilities across Canada, France and the United Kingdom. It operates in 79 Canadian and five European locations, in addition to 24 soil and organic matter treatment facilities and 48 material control laboratories.

Englobe’s team of specialists includes engineers, professionals, technicians and technical support staff. Englobe offers a broad suite of services from engineering, design and inspection to environmental consulting and remediation, as well as materials management and beneficial reuse.

(514) 281-5173

Enutech inc.

Since 2002, Enutech Inc has been conducting land characterization and rehabilitation projects (Phase I, II, III, IV) with a highly qualified team in the field of the environment, geology, hydrogeology, science soil, chemical engineering, and water sanitation. With a focus on Research and Development, Enutech specializes among other decontamination technology such as In Situ treatment.



Enviro 3D conseils inc.

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental management (Phases I, II and III site environmental studies, decontamination / site remediation projects, environmental compliance, environmental management system (ISO 14001 / BNQ 21000)
  • Management of planning / urban planning
  • Training


EnviroCompétences est un organisme à but non lucratif qui à pour objectif de soutenir les employeurs et la main-d’œuvre par la mise en œuvre de projets visant le développement des ressources humaines et des compétences ainsi que la promotion des métiers et des professions liés à l’environnement.

Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

Technology and services.  ERE is an environmental specialist in the areas of site remediation and wastewater treatment as well as equipment required for sampling and monitorning of air, water/liquids and soil. They provide innovative, cost effective technologies and solutions for consumers’ environmental needs.
1 (888) 287-3732

Environor Canada Inc

For more than 15 years, Environor has supported municipalities that are struggling with drinking water quality issues. We manufacture and supply highly efficient additives, intended for networks distributing corrosive and / or colored drinking water. We source from Quebec suppliers for our raw materials, some of which are recycled. We can also help municipalities optimize their drinking water treatment facilities, which can, among other things, reduce their THM levels produced on their network and achieve significant savings in drinking water and chemicals. The purchase of our products includes regular follow-ups by qualified technicians, as well as support for the implementation of the treatment. We also offer personalized studies of drinking water treatment systems, or even support for an application for a certificate of authorization.





With the support of a Certified Environmental Auditor recognized by the AQVE, Enviropass can help you implant and maintain the environmental management system (EMS) every step in the following fields:

  • The environmental policy
  • The identification and management of environmental aspects
  • The identification of applicable legal requirements
  • The Environmental Compliance Auditing (ECA) according to CSA Z773 / ISO 19011 standard – Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • Control of documents
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review





EnviroServices Inc.

The company is specialized in water engineering. Evaluation of soils, evaluation of drinking water and wastewater. The company offers engineering services in the municipal field as well as in the oil industry. Environmental evaluation, environmental impact studies. Waste management. Environmental management system ISO 14001. Characterization and site restoration.

Evolu-Tech Ltd

Technology and services. The technology is a catalytic water treatment. It enables better thermal efficiency of any kind of water. The technology can also function as a pre-treatment for any kind of water. This technology received points in four of the five chapters of the LEED certification for sustainable buildings. Allows for thermal energy savings and increased lifespan of any water circuit.


Technologies and services. Treatment of paper mill wastewater using an aerated biofilter. Several services in atmospheric effluent management, contaminated soils and hazardous waste management. Other technologies and services linked to fields other than the environment.

1 (514) 931-1080

FEC Technologie

FEC Technologie’s expertise focuses on cutting water filtration and the recovery and management of hazardous materials. The company has been in place since 2005 and has experienced people in the field for more than thirty years. FEC Technologie’s warehousing license allows it to manage 40,000 kilograms or more of hazardous and residual materials. The company can also process up to seventy-five million liters of wastewater a year.

(819) 843-3550

Filtration Quebec Inc.

Products and services. The company manufactures filtration products: fabric and felts for filter bags and dust collectors as well as papers and fabric for filter presses. Filter bags cleaning and maintenance services.
(450) 248-3911

Filtrindustries Ltée

Filtrindustries, designs and sells filters and custom-made industrial filtration systems for liquid filtration such as oil, water, processed-water and also for air and gaz filtration, compressed or under vacuum. Our professional team can assit you in your process optimization projects. We have the expertise to accurately evaluate the actual level of filtration in your piece of equipment and then remain focused on the real problem. We also offer the analysis of particules sizing and chemical composition of the systems contaminants. Our main goal is to achieve a long term solution at the best value for our customer. Our expertise is well recognized in the following industrial sectors: Processes, Pulp&Paper, Petro-Chemical, Food Process, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical.

Fives Solios Inc.

Fives Solios  is an international company specialized in air pollution control equipment oriented towards the aluminium and the cement industries. Its product line includes primarily dry scrubbers that are used to capture acid gases and Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons, and very large process dust collectors. Fives Solios  is also specialized in providing to its customers turnkey solutions, controlling every phase of the project and assuming the entire responsibility of the proposed solutions.
(514) 284-0341

FNX Innov

Consulting engineers; Geotechnics, materials, microbiological and chemical analysis laboratory; Specialists in applied sciences and technologies, we work in the fields of Engineering, Environment, Quality assurance and control, Project management and Telecommunications.

In environment, we specialize in: Characterization and restoration of contaminated soils and groundwater; Valorization of industrial, domestic and agricultural residual materials; Territorial environmental management; Implementation of environmental management systems; Environmental training, Environmental Impact assessments and Government permits and authorizations.

(514) 982-6001

Gaudreau environnement Inc.

Services. Compost platforms, recycling centres and waste treatment centres. Sanitary landfill management. Draining and cleaning septic tanks using a selective method (leaves bacterial flora in place).

Gaz Métro Plus

Gaz Métro Plus offers you a wide range of energy products and services. From the installation to the management of your heating, hot water or air conditioning equipment, including their maintenance, Gaz Métro Plus offers you quality service.

1 (866) 641-7587


Geneq Inc.

GENEQ is a distributor of Scientific Instruments since 1972.  We offer a complete range of sampling and measuring instruments for air,water and soils. We also carry laboratory equipment, weather stations and GPS systems.  Please visit our website catalog.

(514) 354-2511


GENINOVATION is a Quebec engineering consulting firm that provides professional services in the fields of environment, geotechnics, structure, civil engineering and project management. We assist our clients throughout their projects, the evaluation study and environmental site characterization (phases I, II and III) in the preparation of plans and specifications for construction. We also hold our RBQ building contractor’s license which allows us to carry out turnkey projects and also without limitation: tank removal, demolition, foundation preparation work, support works, soil condition improvement (eg dynamic compaction) and environmental rehabilitation (excavation, in-situ and ex-situ treatment). Multidisciplinary, our team includes engineers, professionals and technicians with more than ten years of experience, accreditations EESA® (approved environmental site assessor) of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing and an expert accredited by the MDDELCC for lands subject to Division IV.2.1 of the Environment Quality Act.

(438) 794-4749


Géophysique GPR International Inc.

Soils and subsoil studies using, amongst others, non-intrusive geophysical methods. Site characterizations using, amongst others, sediment volume measurements. Studies of landfill sites. Location of UXO. Control of dynamiting.

GHD Consultants Ltée

Acoustics: reduction of noise and vibrations

Risk analysis

Air pollution control

Water Pollution Control

Soil pollution control

Impact/management studies

Environmental studies and surveys

permafrost engineering

Solid waste management

Management of toxic and hazardous waste


Environmental protection standards/criteria/revision


Bank consolidation and flood control works

Emergency plan

Environmental monitoring programs


+1 450 678 3951


GoodEarth Products

Good Earth Products LLC is a sustainability solutions provider that can enhance corporate images with useful green equipment. Go with the leader in sustainability solutions, GoodEarth Products.

Gotar Technologies Inc.

Products. Ecological products for industrial maintenance. Applications: eliminate oxides, limes, organic deposits, oils and dangerous substances. The action of the product stops once the contaminants have been dissolved.

Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Ground Force Environmental Inc. is a Waterloo based environmental remediation contractor and supplier, providing environmental technologies and services to a multi discipline marketplace. GFEI is based on the amalgamation of two companies EMRP specialized in advanced treatment technologies on the water side and AGI Environmental who specialized in remediation technologies based on the soil side. One company to address both issues related to our industry.
(519) 664-0767

Group OBEN

Professional services and supervision of the localization of drainage culverts and the installation of culverts through waterways. Professional services, supervision and coordination of work in natural environments.



Groupe DGE International Inc.

Services : ISO 14001 implementation, gap analysis, management system audit, internal audit training, environmental assesment, environmental training.

Groupe Sotrem-Maltech (Division Maltech)

Technologies and services. Decontamination and recycling of raw materials or industrial waste for the production of aluminium. Recovery and treatment of several materials such as carbon, alumina, coke, aluminium, etc.

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc.

Technologies and services: Membrane filtration (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration) for the treatment of drinking water and manufacturing process water (maple products industry, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, etc.). High discharge filtration, low discharge filtration, emergency unit for drinking water, desalination. Biological treatment technologies (Biofiltration or Biomembrane) using fixed film growth for wastewater from communities or institutions : Rotating Biological Reactor (RBR); Textile Reactor and Biotour (in demonstration).


H2O Traitements Industriels Inc.

Treatment of industrial wastewater (oily water, excavation water, cutting water, process water, etc.)

(450) 926-0420 


HDS Environnement (Hudon Desbiens St-Germain Environnement inc.)

Consulting firm.  Professional services in the fields of environmental sciences, occupational health and safety.

Heol Environnement

Heol Environment provides technical support to help companies set up and maintain environmental management and traceability systems.
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001): Development and Implementation of Environmental Management System, Pre-Audit Registration, Identification of Aspects and Impacts, Internal Audits, Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Skills Training in Business, Advice and assistance for certification audit.
Chain of custody (FSC, PEFC, SFI …): Development and implementation of standards compliant system, Internal Audits, Training, Technical Support.

(514) 692 4935


Hibon (Ingersoll Rand)

Technologies and services. Multi-stage centrifugal blowers that enable regulation of air flow. Designed to move and supply gaseous fluids at a higher pressure than the atmospheric pressure. Can be used in several applications including: drinking and wastewater treatments, gas recovery, paper mill industries, etc. Other technologies for biogas recovery; for industrial wastewater treatment using evaporation with mechanical vapour compression.
(514) 631-3501

Horizon Environnement Inc.

Technologies and services. Thermal desorption technology. Treatment and confinement centre for soils contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), solvents, pentachlorophenols, oil spills, etc. Filtration units for contaminated water.

I.E.W.S. Services

EWS is an environmental company, specialized in waste management. We provide a full range of consulting, auditing, reporting and training services to a wide range of clients and companies in the Municipal & ICI sectors. Whether seeking compliance, a reduction in waste management costs or are looking to become green, we can help.
(613) 297-3339

Industries Fournier Inc. (Les)

Technologies and services. Rotary press to dewater municipal and industrial sludge. Compact system, low maintenance. Can also be automated. Sludge analysis. Sludge handling equipment. Other technologies and services related to applications other than the environment.

Industries Machinex Inc.

Technologies. Recycling equipment and systems (conveyors, separators, etc.). The company designs and manufactures waste sorting and composting systems for residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.
(819) 362-3281

Inneo environnement

Assessment and environmental characterization (phase I, II and III), decontamination, expert certificate accredited by the MELCC, authorization applications, soil studies for preparation of plans and specifications for septic installations.

(418) 496-7335

Institut des sciences de l’environnement UQÀM

(Institute of Environmental Sciences) Graduate and post graduate study programs. Research domains are structured around four core areas: (1) human health, governance and ecosystems dynamics, (2) dynamics and governance of urban environment, (3) integrated et concerted forest resource management and (4) integrated and concerted water resource management. The institute has several partnerships in Canada as well as internationally. Research projects are interdisciplinary and cover several disciplines. Environmental research chair, sustainable forestry management research chair, urban ecosystem research chair. Numerous laboratories and research groups.

IPL Inc.

Products. The company manufactures molding plastic products such as wheeled carts and trays for recycling collection and the selective waste collection as well as composting.

John Meunier Inc. (Veolia division)

Technologies and services. Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment (grit chamber, screen, settling tank and oil separator). Treatment for the dehydration of sludge. Storm water treatment (over flow devise, retention basin, etc). Clarification using rapid coagulation flocculation with micro-sands for drinking water, storm water and wastewater.The company also offers package plants for manufacturing process water, wastewater and drinking water. Snow disposal system. Grit dewatering screw. Biological treatment for wastewater. Drinking water emergency unit.
(514) 334-7230

Kemira Water Solutions Canada Inc.

Coagulants and polymers. Aluminium and iron based inorganic coagulants for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment. Manufacturing process water treatment. Dephosphotation, metals precipitation, sludge dewatering, odour control.
(514) 457-0000

Laboratoire GS Inc.

Field of expertise includes soils and environmental related studies such as; soil reconnaissance; pyrite detection under concrete slab; environmental characterization phase 1& 2; contaminated soil management and decontamination process management.

Labrie Environmental Group

The Labrie Environmental Group is one of the top three manufacturers of equipment for the solid waste industry in North America whose brands include Labrie side-loaders, Leach rear-loaders, and Wittke front loaders.  The Group also manufactures the Juggler brand of solid/liquid separating units and Industrial Lifters brand of tippers and lifters. In 1999, The Group was the first manufacturer of its kind to obtain ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Laforest Nova Aqua inc.

Engineering consulting firm offering specialized services in the fields of hydrogeology, drinking water management, environmental monitoring programs and characterization as well as the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. Hydrogeology services include the modeling of hydrogeological systems, the design and evaluation of catchment works and the rehabilitation of existing wells. Our environmental services include Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I), Soil and Water Characterization and Sampling (Phase II), Supervision of Rehabilitation Works (Phase III), and Contaminated Site Monitoring. .
LNA also provides geophysical surveying services for hydrogeology (seismic method, electrical resistivity, VLF) or environmental (electromagnetic) to establish the geological characteristics of a property or the detection of buried reservoirs. Our staff also includes professionals authorized to monitor the drinking water system, to operate and upgrade water treatment systems. Since 2014, expertise in rock mechanics has been added to the company (analysis of blasting plans, rock stability analysis, counter-expertise, etc.) applicable to road infrastructure for construction or mining projects.

1 877 657-7999


Laforge Environnement inc.

Services spécialisés en gestion environnementale et en évaluation environnementale de site (ÉES) :

1. Séance de formation
2. Soutien à l’implantation et à l’amélioration continue
3. Audit système de gestion et conformité environnementale
4. Demande de CA

5. ÉES phase I, II & III
6. Démantèlement de réservoirs
7. Surveillance environnementale
8. Réhabilitation sites contaminés
9. Services de contre-expertise et d’avis professionnel
10. Attestation d’études de caractérisation et de réhabilitation
11. Intervention d’urgence pour fuite ou déversement

LCA Design Corporation

The Canadian Sustainability Consulting Company specializes in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of products, processes and services.



Mabarex Inc.

Technologies and services. Surface water and groundwater treatment (iron, manganese, sulphur and other pollutants, turbidity, colour). Drinking water: coagulation-filtration treatment with continuous washing on a filter, low input of coagulants. Manufacturing process water and wastewater: biological treatment that enables treatment of nitrates and phosphates. Slaughterhouse wastewater: complete treatment using flotation or biological treatment. Sludge treatment: digestion, thickening, dewatering, drying and recycling. Rain water treatment. Turnkey projects.

Magnor Inc.

Technologies and services. The company designs and manufactures water treatment systems for steam boilers and open cooling systems. Chlorination and pressure filtration units for drinking water in small to mid-sized municipalities. Manufacturing process water treatment (demineralisation, softening). Wastewater treatment.
1 (800) 572-1711

Matrec Environnement Inc. (Member of SITA group)

Technologies and services. Heavy metals removal from municipal incinerator ashes (Alex Cendre process), treatment for soils and sediments contaminated with heavy metals, industrial wastewater treatment (chrome and caustic soda), organic waste composting.
(450) 641-3070

Matrix Energy Inc.

Technologies and services. Assortment of photovoltaic devises, windmills (10kW), windmill power generators. Water pumps functioning with wind power. Micro-hydroelectricity (750W).
(514) 630-5630

Mecan-Hydro Inc.

Technologies and services. Automatic scraper jaw. Mecan-hydro prevents water entry obstruction in paper mills and small hydro sites. The company also offers synthetic racks, metal racks, and crest gates.

Mecanum inc.

Mecanum is an engineering company specializing in noise and vibration control.

We offer our customers a full range of services:

Noise impact studies of existing or future installations and recommendations regarding compliance with existing regulations
Noise or vibration measurement 24/24 with possibility of web monitoring
Road noise assessment and simulation
Development and implementation of acoustic control solutions
Acoustic and vibration monitoring of construction sites
Silent product development
Architectural acoustics
Industrial acoustics
Development of new acoustic materials (meta-materials).
(819) 346-5666



MegaSecur Inc.

Technologies. Portable water barrier used to stop floods, to contain chemical spills and to block streams.

Membranes F.R. Inc.

Geomembranes and services. Waterproofing installations. Membranes for contaminated soil storage, for hazardous waste storage, for landfills, for aerated lagoons, and for secondary containment. Platforms for contaminated soil storage.




Technologies and services. Treatment for gaseous emission, gas and dust removal systems, energy recuperation, and particle recovery from industries. Absorption technology: humid treatment of gaseous effluents by means of a purifying liquid. Pulp and paper: collection and treatment of non condensable gases and contaminated effluents.Metallurgy: dust removal systems.Chemical: VOCs and toxic gases absorption. Food industry and municipal (wastewater treatment plants): dust and odour elimination. Turnkey projects.
(819) 376-7771

Metafix Inc.

Technologies and services. MetaTrax technology reduces chemical consumption as well as waste produced from photo development. Treatment of chemicals and effluents used during development. Silver recovery. Film treatment and recycling. Medical field: X rays recycling.

NatureLab World

NatureLab World is an environmental company that develops long-term forestry and agroforestry projects. In doing so, we generate high quality verified carbon credits and sell them to any entity wishing to offset their greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

As an integrated company, NatureLab World is the only organization in North America to develop and sell its own Gold Standard forest carbon credits that it has generated from its reforestation projects.

By planting a variety of plant species that capture atmospheric CO2, our projects are designed to protect the climate and rehabilitate ecosystems. In doing so, we also support local stakeholders, while creating a living natural laboratory serving science and research.

(450) 312-1005


Nielsen Environmental

Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Removal, Demolition.


Northex Environnement

Since 1997, Northex Environment’s team of professionals has provided a broad range of environmental services for real estate transaction, construction, development, plant closure and other purposes: site environmental assessment (Phase I and II) , soil decontamination in situ or stack, site of disposal and treatment of contaminated soil and extraction of underground reservoir. Northex Environnement’s experience thus covers all the contaminated soil issues, from characterization studies to land reclamation and complete soil treatment.



Nouvelles Technologies Index Inc.

Technologies. Telephone booths functioning with solar energy. Compact cookers for isolated residences and cottages using granules instead of charcoal. Automatic water counters, solar street light luminaries.

Nova Envirocom

Products and services. Compost trays, water savers. The company also trains and raises awareness on composting. Trays for selective waste collection. Services in waste management plan (Plan de Gestion des Matières Résiduelles (PGMR)).

Nova Sylva inc.

Founded in 2010, Nova Sylva is a consulting firm that provides services in the sustainable management of forest resources. Based in Gatineau in the Buckingham sector, our multidisciplinary team composed of three forest engineers, a biologist and three forest technicians offers services relating to:

– ISO 14001, FSC, SFI sustainable forest management forest certification

– environmental monitoring;

– the preparation of multi-resource development plans;

– geomatics and cartography, including through the use of drones;

– monitoring and managing projects.

819 617-0551



Nviron BioSolution Inc.

Biotechnologies and services. Biological treatment (using micro-organisms) for municipal and industrial wastewater. Regeneration of eutrophic streams. Accelerate organic sludge degradation.

Odotech Inc.

Technologies and services. Odour sensors. Sampling equipment. Measurement of atmospheric odour dispersion. Sampling of ambient air in the field. Modelling and sampling of odours by olfactometry and chemical analysis. Applications: industrial, sanitary landfills, farms, food industry, slaughterhouses, wastewater treatment facilities.

Ogéo enr.

Ogéo offers professional hydrogeological services for all of Quebec. The services offered by Ogéo principally involve subterranean water, whether it be the search for underground water, hydrogeological studies for authorization certificates (waster sources, gravel and sand pits), verification of the state of water wells, underground water modelling, or determining the protection and vulnerability of underground water sources, Ogéo is able to respond to your needs as efficiently as possible. Our experience allows us to plan and coordinate projects in and efficient manner for our client’s benefit.

PESCA Environnement

PESCA Environnement is a consulting firm with 30 years of experience and is proud to work for more than 30 years with companies, entrepreneurs, municipalities, non-profit organizations, research institutions, companies. states, indigenous communities and individuals. Our multidisciplinary team of 45 professionals has built a reputation for excellence in the areas of environmental impact assessment, regulatory and licensing processes, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and management. environmental communication. Our corporate culture strives for excellence and high quality standards and is focused on listening to customers, agility of staff, the use of rigorous methods and the capacity for innovation of employees. Our mission is to support you in the success of projects by obtaining the required authorizations, ensuring environmental compliance and aiming for social acceptability.




PM Environmental

An environmental and engineering consulting company offering contaminated site remediation, environmental site assessments, and energy and sustainability services.
1 (800) 313-2966

Premier Tech Aqua

Technologies and Services. Decentralized management of the wastewater collection and treatment for the residential, communal, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.
1 (800) 632-6356

Probiosphère Inc.

Production of methanogenic microorganisms for the production of biogas and for the treatment of wastewater.

1 (844) 664-0654



Produits Chimiques Magnus Ltée

Technology and services. Manufacture and installation of water filtration equipment for steam boilers and open circuit cooling systems. Units for the chlorination and pressure filtration of drinking water for municipal small and medium scale treatment plants. Industrial process water treatment (demineralization, softening). Wastewater.

(800) 363-9929

Produits Horticoles Lavoie Inc.

Technologies and services. Commercial scale windrow composting system for the composting of shrimp wastes from the food industry. Potting soil made of a mix of peat moss and shrimp wastes.

Progestech inc.

Specialists in diversified skills environment among others with the SME. Expertise: Authorization applications, atmospheric dispersion studies (modeling), environmental site assessments (phases I, II, III), expert attestations, environmental compliance of industrial sites, quarries and sand pits, hydrogeology and composting. Our strengths: Target the elements to present when filing an authorization file with government authorities. Know the legal requirements and powers to be respected. Represent the client adequately with these authorities.


PureSphera specializes in treating and recycling appliances that contain halocarbons. Its technologies are destroying refrigerants gases and blowing agents to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances (ODS). Its work has enabled PureSphera to be the first Québec company to generate offset credits in the carbon market. The company works with municipalities , appliance retailers, and metals and automotive recyclers. PureSphera also manages the program Frigoresponsable.

(819) 298-7873


Pyradia Inc.

Technologies. The company manufactures and sells thermal oxidisers for process emissions. Systems for VOC emissions control. Thermal oxidisers, heat recovery systems for energy saving. Other technologies related to applications other than the environment.
(450) 463-3344

Pyro Green-Gas Inc (Subsidiary of PyroGenesis)

Technologies and services. Air pollution control system. The company is specialised in volatile organic compounds treatment (VOCs) and odours treatment (landfill gas flares) in the agrifood, rendering, and composting sectors. Biological treatment for gas. Catalytic desulfurisation. Systems for solvents and petroleum recovery.

PyroGenesis Inc.

Technologies and services. The company designs and manufactures high temperature treatment systems for dangerous and inorganic wastes. Compact systems for wastes treatment on commercial boats.
(514) 937-0002

Quali-Conseil Inc.

Coaching or “turnkey” implementation of ISO 14001 environmental management systems including:
o Integration of management, managers and staff throughout the system.
o Identification and assessment of environmental aspects related to the company
o Training of all staff including management
o The writing of manuals and procedures (depending on the management system chosen) with the managers of the company.
o Internal audits of the entire system
o Participation in the management review and analysis of results
o Help in choosing the registrar for certification audit
Other services related to areas other than the environment.

(418) 261-6265


Quatrex Environnement Inc.

Manufacturer of steel storage vaults for storing hazardous materials.  Distributor of environmental products such as: absorbents for all types of liquids, spill kits, containment systems for different sizes of containers, safety cans and cabinets for storage or handling of dangerous products.


Manufacturer of specialized chemicals for water treatment of kettles, cooling towers and closed systems. Preventive maintenance program approved by the RBQ. Personalized products at no additional cost. Water treatment equipment (metering pumps, filters, conductivity controllers). Reagents, test kits and laboratory equipment. Specialists in the analysis, supply and correction of all types of glycols. Monthly service by a technical representative. Fixed price monthly contract. Quick delivery. Best price guarantee. Free try.

(450) 655-8168


Royal Mat Inc.

Products and services. The company recycles and manufactures products made of rubber : mats, solid tires, crumb rubber, truck mudguards and soundproofing panels.
(418) 774-3694

RSI Environnement

RSI Environnement is a treatment and recycling center for contaminated soils and residual hazardous materials (MDR), contaminated water and residual materials using a high temperature thermal desorption process. A leader in the field, the company is the only one to use this process in Quebec. This technique is part of RSI Environnement’s philosophy of sustainable development. Our soil decontamination process recovers waste that is usually buried. Ultimately, the treated soils are reusable and free from pollutants.
1 (800) 676-7849

S.R.S. Environnement Inc.

Technologies. Solvent recovery systems for solvent recycling and reuse.


SAKILAB is a multidisciplinary group who has offered  its analysis and expertise in the area of air, asbestos, mold, water, soil and environmental site assessment for over 20 years. Its procedures and protocols respect the established and recommended protocols of the IRSST, ASHRAE, MELCC and Health Canada.

(514) 812-4476

Sanexen Environmental Services inc.

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. is a contractor and consultant specializing in the environmental management of contaminated site remediation and water main rehabilitation. Our mission is to actively participate in the development of solutions aimed at fulfilling current and future environmental management needs. Sanexen performs work relating to the characterization and remediation of lands, regulated materials management, revegetation, toxicological risk assessment, environmental management and compliance as well as research and development regarding soil and water treatment.

Sanuvox Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Interior air purification using UVs. Eliminates odours, bacteria and viruses.

Savaria Experts Conseils

Savaria Experts-Conseils is a firm specializing in the field of environmental assessment, characterization, and rehabilitation of contaminated land, Savaria Experts-Conseils tends to offer an alternative and independent opinion in this niche dominated by large engineering firms- advice. Seeking to make rigor and integrity its main trademark, this company stands out all the more by an approach aimed at reconciling the needs of the client with respect for the environment. Since its foundation in 2010, the company has carried out various mandates for individuals, small or medium-sized enterprises and large organizations as well as for municipalities, the CMM and MRCs. Recognized for its technical expertise, the firm is often mandated by consulting engineering firms to assist it with complex and contentious files.

450 922-6694



Service Industriel BEST H2O Inc.

Technologies and services. Drinking water treatment using reverse osmosis membranes. Waste water treatment: oil separation, sludge dewatering, and phosphate removal. Polluted water physical chemical treatment to remove organic pollutants. Range of applications: municipal and industrial (pulp and paper, chemical industries, pharmaceutical, etc.).

SNC Lavalin Environment Inc.

Physico-chemical treatment for municipal wastewater. Computer program for detection and control of VOC emissions. Bubbling fluidized bed furnace with a turbogenerator for biomass fuel-fired boilers. Storage area for mine wastes (red sludge). Redevelopment of sanitary landfills, biogas recovery and leachate recycling. Gas station rehabilitation: bioventilation treatment of contaminated soils. Industrial waste management.
(514) 393-1000


Sodimate specializes in designing & manufacturing of bulk powder handling equipment, extraction and metering of powder, with applications in water & waste water treatment (sludge stabilization Polymer systems, PH regulation) Flu gas treatment, food industry, chemical & mineral industries.

Sodimate designs for environmental applications include: quicklime, activated carbon, the sodium bicarbonate, etc.

(773) 665-8800



Soft dB Consultation

Soft dB has been providing acoustic, noise and vibration consulting services since 1996. Our team of researchers, acoustic engineers and technicians has internationally recognized expertise and know-how in the environmental and architectural, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.

Our mission is to help you control and reduce noise, dust, vibration and other environmental impacts. Our experts support your compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards, from measurement of baseline noise levels and implementation of effective mitigation measures to real-time monitoring and support monitoring programs. environmental impact studies. In addition, our experts offer tailor-made acoustic solutions for any need in:

  • Noise and Vibration control
  • Real-time monitoring of noise, vibration and sound pressure
  • Acoustic imaging and sound mapping
  • Acoustic product design
  • Sound masking and privacy of workspaces
  • Engineering in active noise control
  • Application of noise standards and regulations
  • Sound climate monitoring studies

(866) 868-3477, ext 226



Soleco Canada

We are an international firm specialized in the development and management of energy projects. Our main areas of intervention are energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy recovery of residual materials.
1 (877) 232-1564


Technologies and services. Organic waste management. Process design and management: windrow, static pile, in-vessel, indoor or bunker, anaerobic digestion, leachates and air treatment, (ex: biofilters). Land application of biosolids and sludge, accredited firm for sampling fertilizing matter (CEAEQ). Source separated organic collection. Odors emission rate studies. Site research and site restauration.

Solmax International Inc.

Geomembranes and services. Geomembranes and containment systems for landfill sites, for dangerous waste, domestic waste, leachate platforms. Large size geomembranes.
(450) 929-1234

Solutions Will

Services. Management of data and information concerning residual hazardous materials (RHM) with the Solutions Will. Solutions Will keeps a daily activity management register of RHM, including a follow-up on their generation, transportation (receiving & shipping) and storage. « Service Internet Gedden » is offered in English, French and Spanish.
1 (844) 753-0053

Solva-Rec Environnement inc.

Solva-Rec’s operations are mainly grouped together at our transfer center located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Solva-Rec Environnement offers multiple environmental services, at the industrial, institutional, commercial or municipal levels. Solva-Rec Environnement Inc. is a leader in the transportation, recovery and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials and is proud to offer its services throughout Eastern Canada and the northern regions of Canada.


Stablex Canada Inc.

Technology and services. Treatment and secure placement of industrial inorganic wastes and contaminated soils. Physical chemical treatment with stabilisation and solidification followed by placement in a secure cell which make contaminants insoluble in the environment.


Technologies and services. Pile biodegradation : ex situ treatment for soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. Bioventilation : in situ treatment for soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. Vacuum extraction (multiphase extraction) for groundwater and soils polluted with hydrocarbons. Several other management services in the environmental field such as water, air, and waste management.

Super Fragrance Inc.

Technology and products made of naturals extracts having the ability to neutralize odors and gases generate by different industries such as: Agricultural, Municipal, Refinery, Pulp & Paper, Domestic, etc. When used as per our recommendations, our products neutralize odours and gases emitted by any sources. Our goal is always keeping in mind the well-being and security of workers, neighbors in a healthy environment.

Symbiose Consultants Inc.

Environmental characterization and site decontamination, environmental impact studies, legal expertise in environmental fields, development of wildlife habitats. The company also offers services in hydrogeology, geophysics, market analysis, and risk analysis.

(418) 686-1955

Synergie Santé Environnement (SSE)

SSE offers consultation services regarding environmental heath and sustainable development to health and social service establishments: waste management, supply, elaboration of action plans, establishment of action plans, committee meetings, training, sustainable development plans.

(514) 791-1698



Synergie Environnement has nearly 20 years of experience with companies of all sizes, having acquired over time an expertise in the industrial, residential, commercial & municipal sectors in environmental services. Considering the unstable economic situation of recent years, we have adjusted to better meet our needs, by setting up a service that allows us to advise you and execute mandates, without you having to bear the costs related to infrastructure. , human resources, fleet of vehicles and other equipment. You can count on us for your needs in terms of cleaning and pumping of sumps, accidental spillage, decontamination and removal of tanks, pumping and transport of dangerous and non-dangerous residual materials, recovery of organic materials, sale of used or refurbished tanks and more. We also have an environmental education service for employees treated in the various departments; WHMIS training, work at height and in confined spaces.

Technologies Ecofixe inc.

Ecofixe Technologies specializes in wastewater treatment by biological treatment. The company develops and designs solutions focused on processing performance, energy savings and using no chemicals. The company is also distinguished by its accompanying approach to its customers. An approach that takes into account all aspects of their project and making sure to maximize the positive impacts of each axis of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic.

Our solutions :

The ECOFIXE system increases the treatment capacity of existing aerated ponds. It is an economically advantageous solution, easy and fast installation, and offers great flexibility in optimizing the treatment capacity of aerated ponds.

Ecofixe Technologies also offers the design of conventional MBBR and other biological treatment processes. As with all these projects, the development of the systems proposed by the company is based on optimal eco-design.

(514) 532-0730



Techsolutions Environnement Inc.

Company specialized in the treatment, management and recovery of industrial wastewater. Conventional and emerging technologies: coagulation-flocculation, flotation, decantation, activated carbon filtration, sand filtration, softening, membrane filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis – ceramic membranes, polymeric membranes), centrifugation, COD reduction by electrochemistry, etc. Customized system: mobile or on-site, adapted used system, integrated technology in an existing system or new system. Services for the realization of your water treatment project, from A to Z or in stages. Environmental consultation.
Water purification, separation of oily water, concentration of valuable material, etc.

Tecosol Inc.

Technology and services. Soltec process: in situ treatment for soils and groundwater contaminated by hydrocarbons and PCBs. This technology does not require any excavation and can be applied under any buildings.

Thermal-Lube Inc.

Technologies, products and services. Technology based on infrared spectroscopy that enables continuous oil analysis and treatment (COAT®) therefore increasing life span of lubricants. Diesel emission detector for diesel locomotives and diesel trucks. Air quality analysers for mines and interior work spaces.

Transfert Environment and Society

Since 1987, Transfert Environment and Society offers unique, leading-edge expertise based on real-world experience. Its distinctive reputation derives from a proven, professional and rigourous approach. With a clear focus on responsible development, Transfert’s social approach empowers all stakeholders to come out as “winners”.

Transfert Environment and Society’s approach incorporates three key steps:

  1. Know and share the issues
  2. Build bridges and engage in constructive dialogue
  3. Consolidate commitments

As an agent of change, Transfert Environment and Society develops and facilitates open dialogue and participation opportunities attuned to societal expectations.

Commercial activities

  • Strategic studies, analysis and monitoring
  • Social and environmental communication activities
  • Information and consultation mechanisms, facilitation and mediation
  • Corporate social responsibility plans
  • Training
  • Online consultation platforms


The firm has developed a unique expertise that serves organizations and communities. The firm’s team is active across the province, with offices in Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke and Saguenay. Transfert is chiefly focused on the following sectors: mining, energy, industrial, waste management, sustainable development, transportation and urban planning. Visit our website to learn more about our recent achievements.

Transfert has offices in Montreal, Quebec, Estrie, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

(514) 276-7815


Tred’Si Inc.

Products and services. Recycling, transformation and commercialisation of recuperated wood from telephone poles.
(819) 832-4898

Université de Sherbrooke. Centre universitaire de formation en environnement

Environmental Studies. Interdisciplinary master’s program or doctorate. Two streams in the master degree program: the professional stream based on coursework which enables the student to take a great range of courses and to acquire practical experience through a paid work-study period. The second stream emphasizes research with a research project supervised by at least two teachers. The centre also offers micro-programs in various fields of the environment: water management, environmental verification, health and safety. Those micro-programs target professionals already involved in the environmental sector.
(819) 821-7933 ou 1-866-821-7933 (sans frais)


Technologies and services. Interior air filtration with activated carbons. Industrial and commercial sectors.
(514) 333-8285

Verdeaux Inc.

Products and services. Production of herbaceous and woody plants (more than 40 species) as well as inert materials for the purpose of controlling and stabilising banks for lakes and streams.

Walsh Integrated Environmental Systems

Technologies. Waste Tracker: waste management system that enables hospitals to verify and control infectious and hazardous waste handling, therefore increasing waste management efficiency. This helps to avoid non-hazardous waste from ending up in hazardous waste bags, which are very expensive. The technology is based on a computer with an integrated camera that records and transmits any information on misdirected waste.

Wellons FEI

Wellons FEI has been supplying the North American market with biomass fired energy systems for the past 40 years.  Wellons FEI supplies energy systems using a stepped grate technology with a fully automatic ash extraction system.  Capacities of the systems are appropriately sized for medium and large sized district heating systems such as hospitals or university campuses.  Applications include process and space heating using hot water, steam or thermal fluid.  We also offer biomass based Co-generation solutions.

XACT Systems inc.

The XACT BioReactors are large scale in-vessel, rotating drum composters that convert huge volumes of solid organic waste into compost in as little as 3 to 7 days.  It is able to do so by tightly controlling the parameters for successful aerobic composting.  Specifically, the slow rotation of the drum allows each and every bacteria naturally occurring in the organic waste material to be exposed to oxygen present in the ambient air in the vessel. XACT Systems process recommendations follow the EPA standards of Time and Temperature for pathogen kill.  In practice, this means that the waste material is kept in the BioReactor vessel for 72 hours at temperatures of 55 degrees to 65 degrees Celcius.  Upon discharge, the compost is pathogen free, insect larvae free, weed seed free and virtually odourless.  The XACT BioReactor is available in 5’ to 10’ diameters and in lengths from 10’ to 60’.  The waste material mixture must have a C:N ratio in the neighbourhood of 25 to 1, and the moisture content must be close to 65% in order to compost successfully.  The waste materials can include food waste, green yard waste, sludge, manure, biosolids, organic waste from commercial processing plants, mortalities, and so on.  Amendments can include wood chips, saw dust, rice hulls, paper, cardboard, dried vegetative waste and so on.  The XACT BioReactor Composting System includes the BioReactor, infeed and outfeed conveyors, and a mixer (for blending the waste materials prior to loading in the vessel).  As stated earlier, the organic material remains in the BioReactor for 4 to 7 days and is then discharged.  If required, the compost is then stored for final curing for an additional 14 days at temperatures 40 degrees celcius (this final maturation step is required dependent upon use of compost).  The benefits of the BioReactor include:  odour control, pathogen free compost, fast composting time, less manpower requirement, low land requirement, low power requirement, controls vectors, VOC’s, emissions (with a BioFilter), eliminates weather concerns, neighbourhood friendly, provides the ability to produce “designer compost”.