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Categorie: Protection of ecosystems

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This section contains companies that work in the protection of ecosystems such as tree planting.

Activa Environnement

Consulting services related to the environement, the exploitation of natural resources and the development of the territory. Our client base consists of industries and businesses, municipalities, government agencies and other consulting firms. Our team is composed of about thirty experiences specialists in biology, agronomy, forest engineering and urban planning who work with different partners (civil engineers, hydrogeologists, etc.). Our strength is in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, the proactivity of our team and the effectiveness of the solutions and advice offered to our clients.

1 866 392-5088


Arbre-Evolution offers a carbon offset service through reforestation projects that will sequester GHGs from the atmosphere. Through our Social Reforestation Program, our tree planting projects come from citizen initiatives and maximize the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits of each planted tree. This service is the solution to reduce your ecological footprint in an original way as it educates people, changes landscapes and creates a positive movement in communities near you.

Atelier Phusis

Atelier phusis offers high-level multidisciplinary expertise and develops customized solutions with its clients that respond effectively to environmental issues, particularly those related to biodiversity. Its service offering is structured around three axes: knowledge production (research, capitalization, strategic and prospective analysis), consulting (sharing of expertise, proposal of solutions and project management) and dialogue (social acceptability, training and communication).

(581) 996-2753


Technologies and services. Treatment of paper mill wastewater using an aerated biofilter. Several services in atmospheric effluent management, contaminated soils and hazardous waste management. Other technologies and services linked to fields other than the environment.

1 (514) 931-1080

Group OBEN

Professional services and supervision of the localization of drainage culverts and the installation of culverts through waterways. Professional services, supervision and coordination of work in natural environments.



Laboratoire GS Inc.

Field of expertise includes soils and environmental related studies such as; soil reconnaissance; pyrite detection under concrete slab; environmental characterization phase 1& 2; contaminated soil management and decontamination process management.

Laforge Environnement inc.

Services spécialisés en gestion environnementale et en évaluation environnementale de site (ÉES) :

1. Séance de formation
2. Soutien à l’implantation et à l’amélioration continue
3. Audit système de gestion et conformité environnementale
4. Demande de CA

5. ÉES phase I, II & III
6. Démantèlement de réservoirs
7. Surveillance environnementale
8. Réhabilitation sites contaminés
9. Services de contre-expertise et d’avis professionnel
10. Attestation d’études de caractérisation et de réhabilitation
11. Intervention d’urgence pour fuite ou déversement

NatureLab World

NatureLab World is an environmental company that develops long-term forestry and agroforestry projects. In doing so, we generate high quality verified carbon credits and sell them to any entity wishing to offset their greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

As an integrated company, NatureLab World is the only organization in North America to develop and sell its own Gold Standard forest carbon credits that it has generated from its reforestation projects.

By planting a variety of plant species that capture atmospheric CO2, our projects are designed to protect the climate and rehabilitate ecosystems. In doing so, we also support local stakeholders, while creating a living natural laboratory serving science and research.

(450) 312-1005


Nova Sylva inc.

Founded in 2010, Nova Sylva is a consulting firm that provides services in the sustainable management of forest resources. Based in Gatineau in the Buckingham sector, our multidisciplinary team composed of three forest engineers, a biologist and three forest technicians offers services relating to:

– ISO 14001, FSC, SFI sustainable forest management forest certification

– environmental monitoring;

– the preparation of multi-resource development plans;

– geomatics and cartography, including through the use of drones;

– monitoring and managing projects.

819 617-0551




Technologies and services. Pile biodegradation : ex situ treatment for soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. Bioventilation : in situ treatment for soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. Vacuum extraction (multiphase extraction) for groundwater and soils polluted with hydrocarbons. Several other management services in the environmental field such as water, air, and waste management.