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Categorie: Training, sensitization, mediation

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This section contains companies that offer training formations. This section also contains companies that work in public awareness and mediation related to the environment.

Atelier Phusis

Atelier phusis offers high-level multidisciplinary expertise and develops customized solutions with its clients that respond effectively to environmental issues, particularly those related to biodiversity. Its service offering is structured around three axes: knowledge production (research, capitalization, strategic and prospective analysis), consulting (sharing of expertise, proposal of solutions and project management) and dialogue (social acceptability, training and communication).


Avizo Experts-Conseils Inc.

Consulting firm working in the areas of infrastructure, technical services, urban planning and development, sewage treatment and the environment. Rich in our 20 years of experience and always innovative, we bring solutions adapting to the different requests of our customers. The varied range of our services allows us to support you in the realization of your projects and that, from A to Z.
1 800 563-2005

Centre National en électrochimie et en technologies environnementales (CNETE) Inc.

Research and technology transfer mainly in the field of water filtration and separation using membrane technologies (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) for various types of aqueous solution applications (industrial, agricultural, municipal). Technical assistance and consulting for companies that wish to develop or establish a membrane technology. Training in environmental services, support for the establishment of ISO 14000 standards or other management projects.

ChemBrains Services

ChemBrains is made up of a team of experienced chemists, at the service of the environment. We provide on-site analytical services for water treatment processes, using our mobile laboratory. We assist companies in choosing and implementing the best treatment technologies to comply with environmental regulations, applications for licenses and permits, laboratory assembly and the supply of equipment and chemicals. Our experts are also at your disposal to assist you in disputes with your suppliers or in the context of environmental non-compliance.


Écogénie inc.

Founded in 1996 by several professionals from the environmental sector, Ecogénie Inc. is distinguished by its unique vision of eco-engineering. This planning and environmental consulting firm uses its knowledge in the field of urban forestry, plant stabilization, the enhancement of natural environments, the development and restoration of degraded sites and environmental studies. ‘environmental impacts.


Ecosfera Inc.

Courses and seminars for companies or institutions such as universities and community colleges. Industrial health and safety. Waste management services. Characterization and environmental studies such as impact studies, modeling and analysis of technological and industrial risk. The company also offers management services such as funding applications and tax system applied to the environment.
(819) 846-4994

Enviro 3D conseils inc.

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental management (Phases I, II and III site environmental studies, decontamination / site remediation projects, environmental compliance, environmental management system (ISO 14001 / BNQ 21000)
  • Management of planning / urban planning
  • Training


Environmental services: Regulatory and compliance monitoring, certificate of authorization (CA) according to the LQE, declarations to various departments, waste management improvement
ISO14001: Implementation of a new environmental management system and support services for system already implemented (Internal audits, moving from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015, product life cycle, integration of stakeholders, evaluation your environmental aspects)
Achieve European environmental standards – EMAS
Training and Awareness
ISO 26000, Equator Principles, IFC performance standards: We carry out independent technical studies on behalf of clients or financial institutions.



EnviroCompétences est un organisme à but non lucratif qui à pour objectif de soutenir les employeurs et la main-d’œuvre par la mise en œuvre de projets visant le développement des ressources humaines et des compétences ainsi que la promotion des métiers et des professions liés à l’environnement.
514 384-4999


GENINOVATION is a Quebec engineering consulting firm that provides professional services in the fields of environment, geotechnics, structure, civil engineering and project management. We assist our clients throughout their projects, the evaluation study and environmental site characterization (phases I, II and III) in the preparation of plans and specifications for construction. We also hold our RBQ building contractor’s license which allows us to carry out turnkey projects and also without limitation: tank removal, demolition, foundation preparation work, support works, soil condition improvement (eg dynamic compaction) and environmental rehabilitation (excavation, in-situ and ex-situ treatment). Multidisciplinary, our team includes engineers, professionals and technicians with more than ten years of experience, accreditations EESA® (approved environmental site assessor) of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing and an expert accredited by the MDDELCC for lands subject to Division IV.2.1 of the Environment Quality Act.

438-794-4749, poste 201

Group S.M. International Inc. (The)

Consulting engineers; Geotechnics, materials, microbiological and chemical analysis laboratory; Specialists in applied sciences and technologies, we work in the fields of Engineering, Environment, Quality assurance and control, Project management and Telecommunications.

In environment, we specialize in: Characterization and restoration of contaminated soils and groundwater; Valorization of industrial, domestic and agricultural residual materials; Territorial environmental management; Implementation of environmental management systems; Environmental training, Environmental Impact assessments and Government permits and authorizations.

(819) 566-8855

Groupe DGE International Inc.

Services : ISO 14001 implementation, gap analysis, management system audit, internal audit training, environmental assesment, environmental training.
(819) 820-8881

Inneo environnement

Assessment and environmental characterization (phase I, II and III), decontamination, expert certificate accredited by the MELCC, authorization applications, soil studies for preparation of plans and specifications for septic installations.

Tél. 418-496-7335 (Lévis), 819-234-6951 (Princeville)
Courriel: info@inneo.ca
Site web: inneo.ca

QualiProjet DL Inc.

QualiProjet DL Inc. offers consulting services of ISO 14001 environmental management systems.  Writing of ISO documents, training, identification of legal requirements and environmental aspects, audit services.  We deliver custom-made environmental management systems to reach the environmental objectives of your enterprise.  Other services related to other fields than the environment.


Technologies and services. Organic waste management. Process design and management: windrow, static pile, in-vessel, indoor or bunker, anaerobic digestion, leachates and air treatment, (ex: biofilters). Land application of biosolids and sludge, accredited firm for sampling fertilizing matter (CEAEQ). Source separated organic collection. Odors emission rate studies. Site research and site restauration.

(450) 348-5693


Synergie-Environnement has close to 20 years of experience with companies of all sizes, having acquired over time expertise in the industrial, residential, commercial & municipal sectors in environmental services. Considering the unstable economic situation of recent years, we have adjusted to better meet your needs, by setting up a service that allows us to advise you and execute mandates, without you having to bear the costs related to infrastructure , human resources, the fleet of vehicles and other equipment. We also offer an environmental education service to employees involved in different departments; WHMIS training, storage and transportation of hazardous materials, work at height and in confined spaces.

Transfert Environment and Society

Since 1987, Transfert Environment and Society offers unique, leading-edge expertise based on real-world experience. Transfert has acquired an in-depth understanding of social acceptance challenges and the conditions required to harmoniously integrate a project into a community. Its distinctive reputation derives from a proven, professional and rigourous approach. With a clear focus on responsible development, Transfert’s social approach empowers all stakeholders to come out as “winners”. Transfert Environment and Society brings together a dedicated team of professionals who share a vital set of core values: excellence, integrity, equity, involvement.
(819) 563-8531

Université de Sherbrooke. Centre universitaire de formation en environnement

Environmental Studies. Interdisciplinary master’s program or doctorate. Two streams in the master degree program: the professional stream based on coursework which enables the student to take a great range of courses and to acquire practical experience through a paid work-study period. The second stream emphasizes research with a research project supervised by at least two teachers. The centre also offers micro-programs in various fields of the environment: water management, environmental verification, health and safety. Those micro-programs target professionals already involved in the environmental sector.
(819) 821-7933 ou 1-866-821-7933 (sans frais)

Zero2Global Renewable Energy System

Provide analysis, consultation, and implementation (if needed) of both reducing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill volumes and driving higher value of both solid and liquid waste by converting it to fuel, electricity, and carbon products.