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Categorie: Responsible business strategy

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This section contains companies that work in developping responsible business strategies.

ADDERE Service-Conseil

ADDERE Service-conseil is a non-profit organization that offers consultancy services in sustainable development, environment and social responsibility to firms, institutions and municipal organizations. This is exemplified by projects such as: improving waste and energy management, obtaining certifications recognizing good environmental and/or social practices, strategic planning, improving communication related to sustainable development and finding subventions to realize a project.



Atelier Phusis

Atelier phusis offers high-level multidisciplinary expertise and develops customized solutions with its clients that respond effectively to environmental issues, particularly those related to biodiversity. Its service offering is structured around three axes: knowledge production (research, capitalization, strategic and prospective analysis), consulting (sharing of expertise, proposal of solutions and project management) and dialogue (social acceptability, training and communication).

(581) 996-2753

Bleu écrit en vert

Bleu écrit en vert offers eco-responsible communication solutions respectful of our sensory environment. The objective is to reduce the human advertising impact, responsible for daily noise and visual pollution. For this, the agency develops immersive communication solutions, playing on the intelligence, emotions and curiosity of the public.

514 917-6185




With the support of a Certified Environmental Auditor recognized by the AQVE, Enviropass can help you implant and maintain the environmental management system (EMS) every step in the following fields:

  • The environmental policy
  • The identification and management of environmental aspects
  • The identification of applicable legal requirements
  • The Environmental Compliance Auditing (ECA) according to CSA Z773 / ISO 19011 standard – Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • Control of documents
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review





FNX Innov

Consulting engineers; Geotechnics, materials, microbiological and chemical analysis laboratory; Specialists in applied sciences and technologies, we work in the fields of Engineering, Environment, Quality assurance and control, Project management and Telecommunications.

In environment, we specialize in: Characterization and restoration of contaminated soils and groundwater; Valorization of industrial, domestic and agricultural residual materials; Territorial environmental management; Implementation of environmental management systems; Environmental training, Environmental Impact assessments and Government permits and authorizations.

(514) 982-6001

LCA Design Corporation

The Canadian Sustainability Consulting Company specializes in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of products, processes and services.



NatureLab World

NatureLab World is an environmental company that develops long-term forestry and agroforestry projects. In doing so, we generate high quality verified carbon credits and sell them to any entity wishing to offset their greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

As an integrated company, NatureLab World is the only organization in North America to develop and sell its own Gold Standard forest carbon credits that it has generated from its reforestation projects.

By planting a variety of plant species that capture atmospheric CO2, our projects are designed to protect the climate and rehabilitate ecosystems. In doing so, we also support local stakeholders, while creating a living natural laboratory serving science and research.

(450) 312-1005


Solutions Will

Services. Management of data and information concerning residual hazardous materials (RHM) with the Solutions Will. Solutions Will keeps a daily activity management register of RHM, including a follow-up on their generation, transportation (receiving & shipping) and storage. « Service Internet Gedden » is offered in English, French and Spanish.
1 (844) 753-0053

Synergie Santé Environnement (SSE)

SSE offers consultation services regarding environmental heath and sustainable development to health and social service establishments: waste management, supply, elaboration of action plans, establishment of action plans, committee meetings, training, sustainable development plans.

(514) 791-1698


Transfert Environment and Society

Since 1987, Transfert Environment and Society offers unique, leading-edge expertise based on real-world experience. Its distinctive reputation derives from a proven, professional and rigourous approach. With a clear focus on responsible development, Transfert’s social approach empowers all stakeholders to come out as “winners”.

Transfert Environment and Society’s approach incorporates three key steps:

  1. Know and share the issues
  2. Build bridges and engage in constructive dialogue
  3. Consolidate commitments

As an agent of change, Transfert Environment and Society develops and facilitates open dialogue and participation opportunities attuned to societal expectations.

Commercial activities

  • Strategic studies, analysis and monitoring
  • Social and environmental communication activities
  • Information and consultation mechanisms, facilitation and mediation
  • Corporate social responsibility plans
  • Training
  • Online consultation platforms


The firm has developed a unique expertise that serves organizations and communities. The firm’s team is active across the province, with offices in Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke and Saguenay. Transfert is chiefly focused on the following sectors: mining, energy, industrial, waste management, sustainable development, transportation and urban planning. Visit our website to learn more about our recent achievements.

Transfert has offices in Montreal, Quebec, Estrie, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Abitibi-Temiscamingue.

(514) 276-7815