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Categorie: ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems and Other Certification

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This section contains companies that offer environmental audit services and ISO 14001 establishment services and other environmental management system services.

Boite Pac

Boite Pac helps companies achieve their goals in a more socially and environmentally responsible way by obtaining B Corp certification.

(514) 588-1357



Ecosfera Inc.

Courses and seminars for companies or institutions such as universities and community colleges. Industrial health and safety. Waste management services. Characterization and environmental studies such as impact studies, modeling and analysis of technological and industrial risk. The company also offers management services such as funding applications and tax system applied to the environment.
(819) 846-4994

Enviro 3D conseils inc.

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental management (Phases I, II and III site environmental studies, decontamination / site remediation projects, environmental compliance, environmental management system (ISO 14001 / BNQ 21000)
  • Management of planning / urban planning
  • Training


With the support of a Certified Environmental Auditor recognized by the AQVE, Enviropass can help you implant and maintain the environmental management system (EMS) every step in the following fields:

  • The environmental policy
  • The identification and management of environmental aspects
  • The identification of applicable legal requirements
  • The Environmental Compliance Auditing (ECA) according to CSA Z773 / ISO 19011 standard – Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • Control of documents
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review





EnviroServices Inc.

The company is specialized in water engineering. Evaluation of soils, evaluation of drinking water and wastewater. The company offers engineering services in the municipal field as well as in the oil industry. Environmental evaluation, environmental impact studies. Waste management. Environmental management system ISO 14001. Characterization and site restoration.

Groupe DGE International Inc.

Services : ISO 14001 implementation, gap analysis, management system audit, internal audit training, environmental assesment, environmental training.

HDS Environnement (Hudon Desbiens St-Germain Environnement inc.)

Consulting firm.  Professional services in the fields of environmental sciences, occupational health and safety.

Heol Environnement

Heol Environment provides technical support to help companies set up and maintain environmental management and traceability systems.
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001): Development and Implementation of Environmental Management System, Pre-Audit Registration, Identification of Aspects and Impacts, Internal Audits, Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Skills Training in Business, Advice and assistance for certification audit.
Chain of custody (FSC, PEFC, SFI …): Development and implementation of standards compliant system, Internal Audits, Training, Technical Support.

(514) 692 4935


Laforge Environnement inc.

Services spécialisés en gestion environnementale et en évaluation environnementale de site (ÉES) :

1. Séance de formation
2. Soutien à l’implantation et à l’amélioration continue
3. Audit système de gestion et conformité environnementale
4. Demande de CA

5. ÉES phase I, II & III
6. Démantèlement de réservoirs
7. Surveillance environnementale
8. Réhabilitation sites contaminés
9. Services de contre-expertise et d’avis professionnel
10. Attestation d’études de caractérisation et de réhabilitation
11. Intervention d’urgence pour fuite ou déversement

Nova Sylva inc.

Founded in 2010, Nova Sylva is a consulting firm that provides services in the sustainable management of forest resources. Based in Gatineau in the Buckingham sector, our multidisciplinary team composed of three forest engineers, a biologist and three forest technicians offers services relating to:

– ISO 14001, FSC, SFI sustainable forest management forest certification

– environmental monitoring;

– the preparation of multi-resource development plans;

– geomatics and cartography, including through the use of drones;

– monitoring and managing projects.

819 617-0551



Quali-Conseil Inc.

Coaching or “turnkey” implementation of ISO 14001 environmental management systems including:
o Integration of management, managers and staff throughout the system.
o Identification and assessment of environmental aspects related to the company
o Training of all staff including management
o The writing of manuals and procedures (depending on the management system chosen) with the managers of the company.
o Internal audits of the entire system
o Participation in the management review and analysis of results
o Help in choosing the registrar for certification audit
Other services related to areas other than the environment.

(418) 261-6265


Synergie Santé Environnement (SSE)

SSE offers consultation services regarding environmental heath and sustainable development to health and social service establishments: waste management, supply, elaboration of action plans, establishment of action plans, committee meetings, training, sustainable development plans.

(514) 791-1698