Enviro-access offsets its GHG emissions!

Following the completion of its first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory established for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, Enviro-access has developed a strategy to reduce these emissions through several actions. For example:

  • Use of optimised carpooling in business travels
  • Promotion of public and active transportation for home-to-work employees’ travels
  • Choice of compact vehicles for rentals
  • Black and white duplex printing
  • Use of virtual pay slip only
  • Recycling of organic waste
  • Use of post-consumer paper
  • Disposal of electronic waste at the ecocenter
  • Transmission of electronic version of proposals and reports when there is no specific demand for paper version by the client

Thereafter, Enviro-access has updated its GHG emissions inventory for the 2012-2013 fiscal year and decided to offset its remaining emissions for all sources of direct emissions and indirect emissions from energy. Enviro-access also decided to offset other indirect emissions related to the following sources: business travels, home-to-work travels from employees, production of consumed fossil fuels and production of consumed paper.

Thus, in accordance with the Carbon CareTM carbon-neutral certification specifications, Enviro-access bought, from Ecotierra, VCS certified carbon credits generated by a reforestation project in Peru. This project aims the reforestation of degraded land, the erosion reduction, the amelioration of water resources accessibility and the protection of biodiversity.

By offsetting its GHG emissions, Enviro-access shows its commitment to the good management of its own greenhouse gases emissions and to the global climate change issue.

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