Monthly Archives: November 2013

Composting operations: which emission factors should be used?

By Denis Dionne, eng., M.A.Sc., GHG-V, EP(GHG) Whether you are working on your carbon footprint, setting up a GHG emission reduction project or making a funding request that requires a greenhouse gas emissions quantification you may have noticed that the …


Freight Transport and GHG Emissions: What do we do in Quebec?

By Elsa Joly, Technical Advisor (eng.jr., M.Sc.) While the debate on Ecotax rages in France, let’s look at what Quebec does to reduce Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from freight transport. As a reminder, the HGV (heavy goods vehicles) Ecotax that …


GOLD-MEDAL Sustainable Development Results for the Canada Summer Games – Sherbrooke 2013

With a great deal of pride, at a press briefing this morning, the Host Society of the Canada Summer Games–Sherbrooke 2013 presented its results in the area of sustainable development. This very impressive outcome is the product of the long, …