Enviro-access will be at the “Salon des TEQ”

Come and listen to the jointly held conference by Enviro-access and Nemaska Lithium, at the “Salon des Technologies Environnementales de Québec”, organized by Reseau Environnement, on Tuesday 12, March at 4.30pm!

As part of the transportation electrification session, Enviro-access and Nemaska Lithium will present the environmental benefits of Nemaska Lithium innovative project for the production of lithium hydroxide and carbonate. The presentation will highlight the strategic role of this project in the context of the transportation electrification Strategy of Quebec and for establishing a strong local electric industry, as well as contributing to meet our greenhouse gas emission targets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and discuss a major issue in Quebec: transportation!

For more information, visit:


Salon des TEQ

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