Thetford Mines is now “Carbon Care” Certified

Enviro-access was proud to discern its Carbon CareTM Certification to the City of Thetford Mines during its last city’s council hold on September 2nd, 2014. This certification confirms that the organization is sensitive to the problem of climate change and proactive in its GHG emissions management.

“This certification is without a doubt a key element in the acknowledgement of Thetford Mines’ efforts in its proactive greenhouse gas emissions management. More and more citizens are now demanding for elected municipal administrators to contribute concretely to the climate change issue”, explains Mrs. Manon Laporte, CEO of Enviro-access.

“We can be proud to receive this certification which recognizes our long term effort in the reduction of our GHG emissions and in the elaboration of a GHG reduction action plan. Despite that we still have work to do, many actions are already ongoing well”, specifies Mr. Marc-Alexandre Brousseau, mayor of Thetford Mines.

Congratulations to the City of Thetford Mines for this accomplishment!


Mr. Daniel Cyr, municipal engineer for the City of Thetford Mines and Mrs. Manon Laporte, CEO of Enviro-access

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