How to maximize your chances during your grant application for your GHG reduction project?

By Elsa Joly, eng. jr., M.Sc.

You are developing a clean tech project, an energy efficiency project or any other innovative project that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? A variety of government aid programs is available to you for the demonstration, the commercialization or the implementation of your project. This includes SDTC’s (Sustainable Development Technology Canada) Sustainable Development Tech Fund and Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources’ (MNR) Technoclimat program, two programs aiming to encourage the demonstration and commercialization of clean technologies in Canada and Quebec. Also, MRN’s EcoPerformance program finances energy efficiency and energy conversion projects in Quebec.

The funding process for these programs is relatively long and requires the preparation of several documents. For instance, for a request to SDTC, you must first complete a Statement of Interest (SOI), followed by a detailed proposal.  The Technoclimat and EcoPerformance programs require you to complete their application form and prepare a project plan including environmental impacts, as well as a monitoring plan.

In all cases, the challenge for a project proponent is to devote enough time and energy to achieve a quality proposal, in a period of time often limited. It may therefore be worth partnering with a team familiar with the application process. Enviro-access has already supported more than thirty projects during their application to SDTC and Technoclimat with an enviable success rate. In addition to preparing environmental analysis, our team is responsible for coordinating the entire application process from start to finish. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you find funding for your clean tech project!

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