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Atara Equipement Ltd

Atara Equipment Ltd specialises in conveying equipment for Municipal and Industrial waste, applications in various North American industries (wastewater treatment plants, pulp & paper plants, recycling…) and offers a complete range of services :

– Project design and engineering,
– Manufacturing : spirals, screw conveyors, drainage conveyors,
– Screw compactors, grit classifiers, channel screens, etc.,
– Installation supervision and on site technical assistance,
– Spare parts and replacement parts.




Écosphère consultants

Écosphère consultants est une entreprise de services-conseils en écologie et environnement et offre les services suivants :   Inventaires floristiques et fauniques Évaluation environnementale de site phase 1 Description du milieu naturel (biologique et hydrique) Demande de certificat d’autorisation Études d’impacts environnementaux Délimitation de la ligne naturelle des hautes eaux Caractérisation et délimitation de milieux humides Aménagement et stabilisation de berges Restauration et aménagement d’habitats



Environmental Sampling Equipment supplier inc.

Environmental Sampling Equipment and laboratory instruments supplier
514 602 3835

Gaz Métro

GoodEarth Products LLC

Good Earth Products LLC is a sustainability solutions provider that can enhance corporate images with useful green equipment. Go with the leader in sustainability solutions, GoodEarth Products.

Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Ground Force Environmental Inc. is a Waterloo based environmental remediation contractor and supplier, providing environmental technologies and services to a multi discipline marketplace. GFEI is based on the amalgamation of two companies EMRP specialized in advanced treatment technologies on the water side and AGI Environmental who specialized in remediation technologies based on the soil side. One company to address both issues related to our industry.

PCM Industrial Solutions

A comprehensive performance improvement service provider offering electrical, millwrighting, custom fabrication and environmental support. We provide innovative and effective solutions tailored for your organizations suitability.

Pyradia Inc.

Technologies. The company manufactures and sells thermal oxidisers for process emissions. Systems for VOC emissions control. Thermal oxidisers, heat recovery systems for energy saving. Other technologies related to applications other than the environment.


Sodimate specializes in designing & manufacturing of bulk powder handling equipment, extraction and metering of powder, with applications in water & waste water treatment (sludge stabilization Polymer systems, PH regulation) Flu gas treatment, food industry, chemical & mineral industries.

Sodimate designs for environmental applications include: quicklime, activated carbon, the sodium bicarbonate, etc.




Products and services. The company sells worms for lombricompost production and lombricomposts made from organic wastes.
(450) 438-1811