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Categorie: Renewable Energies and Climatic Changes

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This section contains technologies that use renewable energies sources such as the wind, the sun, hydrogen fuel cell, biogas, biomass; this section also contains technologies that help to reduce the green gas effect.

Aircom technologies Inc.

Technologies. Biogas flares. Other technologies related to non-environmental applications.
(514) 695-4740


Arbre-Evolution offers a carbon offset service through reforestation projects that will sequester GHGs from the atmosphere. Through our Social Reforestation Program, our tree planting projects come from citizen initiatives and maximize the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits of each planted tree. This service is the solution to reduce your ecological footprint in an original way as it educates people, changes landscapes and creates a positive movement in communities near you.
In addition, we sell various promotional items whose sale is linked to the planting of trees within social reforestation projects. (Wooden card, Vire-wind and bio-fair coffee)

ASA Biogaz

Technologies and services. The company designs and develops technical landfills and offers biogas and leachate management. Installation of bioreactors.
(514) 352-8221

Bio-Terre Systems Inc.

Technology and services. Anaerobic digester for hog manure treatment. This technology enables decomposition of organic matter to produce biogas. Biogas is consisting primarily of methane (CH4), a gas which can be burned to produce heat and electricity. Treated manure can also be transformed into a bio fertilizer with high agronomic value. Reduction of the odours and the phosphorus concentration of the manure.
(819) 562-3871, poste 2256

Biothermica Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Regenerative thermal oxidation process to filter VOCs, COCs, PAHs etc. from industrial gaseous effluents. Dust collector: filters high temperature effluents containing incandescent particles. Electrostatic precipitators for dust and particles. The company also builds power plants producing electricity from landfill gases and biomass. Design and setting up of landfills gas control and recovery networks. Biothermica also manufactures biogas flares.
(514) 488-3881

Boralex Inc.

Energy. Producer of electricity : wind mill power and thermal power stations from wood residus.

(819) 363-5860

Cansolv Technologies Inc.

Technologies and services. Air pollution treatment to reduce, control or trap SO2 , NOx and CO2 gaseous emissions from refineries (zinc, oil, etc.) and coal-fired power plants.
(514) 382-4411

Claustra Salix s.e.n.c.

Living willows landscaping services in Québec. Projects may be fences, arbour, tunnel, bench, sculpture, dome, column. All included services with warranty of succed implantation. Ecological solution, excellent for environment creation, respectful and unique.


CO2 Solution

Technology and services. CO2 Solution has developed an innovative technology platform that transform CO2, into an environmentally safe matter by a biological process which exploits an enzyme’s ability to catalyze CO2 transformation in an aqueous medium in the contexte of climate change.

(418) 842-3456

Éco-Guide Environnement Inc.

Technologies and services. Aeration technologies for the restoration and protection of lakes and ponds. Aerators have a submerged propeller and use windmills or solar energy.

Enerconcept Inc.

Technologies and services. Indoor air heating using solar energy for buildings (institutional, industrial or commercial); water heating using solar energy (residential, industrial or commercial). The company also sells a range of products for windmills, hydroelectric turbines, and photovoltaic panels for the residential or commercial sectors.
(819) 843-1323


Énergère is a leading energy services company working across Quebec for almost 20 years. Being both an engineering firm and a general contractor, Énergère implements energy-efficiency turnkey projects in public (health • education • municipal) and private (commercial • industrial) sectors. Énergère also designs and implements heating and cooling systems for dwelling stocks (district energy loops) and provides street lighting services as well.

Tél. : 514-848-9199, p. 258

Energy Ressource Developpement Inc.

Technologies and services. The company manufactures and / or distributes windmills (turbine windmills) that can start with less wind than common windmills and can resist to stronger winds. Can be installed on any buildings roof top. The company also manufactures and / or distributes solar panels.
(450) 437-1515

Enerkem Inc.

Enerkem produces advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals from waste. Its disruptive proprietary technology converts non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into methanol, ethanol and other widely-used chemicals.

ESI Ecosystem International Ltd

The company works in the clean energy sector and in the coal transformation sector. The company promotes a technology that produces electricity from biomass. Gasification of coal for use as fuel in electric power plants, this method enables to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Transformation of raw coal into a more ecological coal called “smoke free” coal. Secure landfill of dangerous wastes. The company also builds small hydro electrical power plants.
(514) 744-2407

Intersan Inc.

Technologies and services. Industrial and residential waste collection, waste valorisation. Technologies : bioreactors for technical landfills with biogases reuse and leachate recovery for the production of electricity.
(450) 846-7870

Les Éoliennes EnergiVent Enr.

Technologies and services. Sale and installation of small windmills (1 200W).

Matrix Energy Inc.

Technologies and services. Assortment of photovoltaic devises, windmills (10kW), windmill power generators. Water pumps functioning with wind power. Micro-hydroelectricity (750W).

Nanox Inc.

Nanotechnologies. The company manufactures nanocrystalline powders for catalysis. Naocrystalinne powders are more advantageous than precious metals used for catalysis because they are more economical. Nano-powders are used in ceramic membranes manufacture for hydrogen batteries. Automotive, chemical and energy sectors.
(418) 692-1131


NatureLab.world is an environmental company that develops long-term forestry and agroforestry projects. In doing so, we generate high quality verified carbon credits and sell them to any entity wishing to offset their greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

As an integrated company, NatureLab.World is the only organization in North America to develop and sell its own Gold Standard forest carbon credits that it has generated from its reforestation projects.

By planting a variety of plant species that capture atmospheric CO2, our projects are designed to protect the climate and rehabilitate ecosystems. In doing so, we also support local stakeholders, while creating a living natural laboratory serving science and research.

(514) 820-5088

Nouvelles Technologies Index Inc.

Technologies. Telephone booths functioning with solar energy. Compact cookers for isolated residences and cottages using granules instead of charcoal. Automatic water counters, solar street light luminaries.
(418) 723-4653

PESCA Environnement

PESCA Environnement is a consulting firm with 30 years of experience and is proud to work for more than 30 years with companies, entrepreneurs, municipalities, non-profit organizations, research institutions, companies. states, indigenous communities and individuals. Our multidisciplinary team of 45 professionals has built a reputation for excellence in the areas of environmental impact assessment, regulatory and licensing processes, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and management. environmental communication. Our corporate culture strives for excellence and high quality standards and is focused on listening to customers, agility of staff, the use of rigorous methods and the capacity for innovation of employees. Our mission is to support you in the success of projects by obtaining the required authorizations, ensuring environmental compliance and aiming for social acceptability.





PureSphera specializes in treating and recycling appliances that contain halocarbons. Its technologies are destroying refrigerants gases and blowing agents to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances (ODS). Its work has enabled PureSphera to be the first Québec company to generate offset credits in the carbon market. The company works with municipalities , appliance retailers, and metals and automotive recyclers. PureSphera also manages the program Frigoresponsable.

Tel.: 819-822-9183

Soconag Inc.

Technology and services. Smart-Soil™ process: measures and controls bioreactors’ environmental conditions. Bioventilation in confined reactors enables optimization of contaminated soil treatment as well as gas and wastewater biofiltration.
(514) 846-0088

Soleco Canada

We are an international firm specialized in the development and management of energy projects. Our main areas of intervention are energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy recovery of residual materials.

Solios Environnement Inc.

 SOLIOS ENVIRONNEMENT is an international company specialized in air pollution control equipment oriented towards the aluminium and the cement industries. Its product line includes primarily dry scrubbers that are used to capture acid gases and Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons, and very large process dust collectors. SOLIOS is also specialized in providing to its customers turnkey solutions, controlling every phase of the project and assuming the entire responsibility of the proposed solutions.
(514) 284-0341

Wellons FEI

Wellons FEI has been supplying the North American market with biomass fired energy systems for the past 40 years.  Wellons FEI supplies energy systems using a stepped grate technology with a fully automatic ash extraction system.  Capacities of the systems are appropriately sized for medium and large sized district heating systems such as hospitals or university campuses.  Applications include process and space heating using hot water, steam or thermal fluid.  We also offer biomass based Co-generation solutions.

450 922-3117