Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions: a Responsible Action Leading to Emissions Reduction

Jean-François Comeau, Bc.Sc., M.Env.
Director – Business Development

Every organization is part of the solution in the fight against climate change. But, are you asking yourself: where do I start? Probably by taking the time to evaluate your organization’s emissions, and prepare a GHG inventory. Many organizations have already chosen to declare their emissions on a voluntary basis. Some of them even decided to have their declaration verified by an independent third party. Those organizations believe that this action is part of their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Strategy and will also send a positive message to their employees. Actions to reduce GHG emissions can even be considered as a way to attract and maintain key employees who see their employer acting responsibly.

Thus, the engagement in a first tangible action toward the quantification of its GHG emissions is a first step that leads to the planning of GHG emissions reduction measures. Most of the time, GHG emissions reduction also mean money saving.

The verification of the GHG assertion brings credibility to the process of reporting GHG emissions. All stake holders will then realize that this assertion was elaborated in accordance to the highest existing standards. The organization should, indeed, choose its base-year by paying attention to include all actual and significant emissions and applies rigorous quantification methodologies. Literature offers more and more analysis referring to the fact that ignoring its GHG emissions represents a new but real risk to add to the organization. Among others, this negligence could harm the organization’s reputation in the view of stakeholders, partners and employees. website presents interesting reading material on that matter. No organization wishes to be accounted for its resistance to commit to its environmental responsibility on public ground. Therefore, managers should be aware that in a world where climate change issues become increasingly significant, the importance of the organization’s environmental and social commitment should not be underestimated in order to minimize risks.

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