Good reasons for the elaboration of your organization’s carbon footprint even when it is not mandatory

By Maude Lauzon-Gosselin, eng.

Make your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory on a voluntary basis may lead to several opportunities.

Indeed, many large organizations like Metro, Rona, NBC, Bell, Saputo and Bombardier voluntarily report GHG emissions to recognized initiatives such as Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative. Some of them even request a carbon audit by a third party in order to increase credibility.

Whether you are a small or large business, a well done carbon footprint can help you identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions that could lead to energy reduction opportunities and make you save money. It can also contribute to the quality of your corporate image. Responsible management of GHG emissions will have a positive impact to the perception of the organization by your employees, your customers and other stakeholders. It is also possible to offset your GHG emissions by purchasing carbon credits on the voluntary market and become Carbon Neutral. If you want to go further, you could also obtain the Carbon CareTM certification by Enviro-access. This certification recognizes organizations’ efforts to responsibly manage and reduce greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs). Through this certification, Enviro-access confirms that the organization is sensitive to the problem of climate change and proactive in its GHG emissions management.

Before you begin your approach to GHG management, it is important to assess the internal resources and the appropriate GHG consultant and accredited GHG verifier you may need. Founded in 1993, Enviro-access prides itself on being a pioneer in the reduction of GHG emissions and ecological footprints. Its team includes several environment specialists who work with large industrial, service, and manufacturing companies, as well as cities and other municipal organizations, helping them to reduce their GHG emissions over a short time span. Enviro-access is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, as a GHG emissions validation and auditing body. It is one of only two Canadian companies to hold this accreditation.

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